no cook breakfasts

Delicious No Cook Breakfasts (and aren’t smoothies)

Although it has been stated as the most important meal of the day, we busy folks are often rushing to get to work on time and as such, we are either eating a cereal bar (which may contain too much sugar) or heading to the nearest local coffeeshop for toast and coffee or tea which
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vegan sweets

Learn How to Make Healthy Vegan Sweets!

The food industry is offering us many types of sweets, but the majority of them are full of unhealthy sugars, simple white flour, artificial flavours, and colourants. Learn to make your own vegan sweets, and take control of what getting into your body – and still enjoy great flavours. You’ll learn how to make: Granola
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vegan baileys

Vegan Baileys Irish Cream and Other Vegan Inspired Cocktails

When Baileys revealed their latest ‘flavour’, vegans and health nuts (pun intended) all revelled in delight at its latest almond milk liqueur which is gluten and diary free! As our vegan athlete Luke mentioned, looks like veganism is here to stay and they like their alcohol too. Thus, we happily came up with a list of vegan-friendly cocktails with Baileys’ latest Almande which are guaranteed to put everyone in a happy mood! Shh…your non-vegan friends wouldn’t know the difference.


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