7 Best Energy Boosters that Aren’t Coffee

Whether there are only a few hours left before your most important exam or a work presentation you have to give, if you aren’t ready enough, you will need more energy. Last-minute work is always the hardest, especially when achieving good results is important. Coffee is the energy booster we tend to turn to first,
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metta charity run

Superheroes at Metta Charity Run 2017

Cosplayers dressed as Spidey and other superheroes will be participating in this year’s Metta Charity Run in the 5km and 10km runs. There also is a category meant for Parent & Child named “Little Spideys” which is a 1.5km run with superhero game stations along the route. The Guest of Honour for the event will
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electric run 2017

Electric Run Malaysia 2017

Electric Run is one of the world’s most popular nocturnal fun run and is set to light up Malaysia again this year in what will be its biggest, brightest, neon coloured night run in the country yet. Organised by The Livescape Group, and co-presented by Rexona, Electric Run Malaysia 2017 is also supported by Malaysia
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