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Polished to Perfection (Basic Personal Make Up Class)

Learn how to perfect YOUR daily look with our Basic Personal Makeup Class! You will learn: safety & hygiene preparation of skin for makeup 3Cs – conceal, correct, contour different types of foundations for a flawless makeup makeup application and use of different types of makeup (eyebrow, eyes, blush, lip color) This workshop aims to
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Why Your Make Up Doesn’t Look the Way You’d Like

Are you one of those who spend a lot of time scrolling through Instagram or watching YouTube videos as well as flipping through magazines to get ideas on the latest make up trends? However, when you try to get the look, it doesn’t come out that great? Well, unless you are a professional or have
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Make Up 101 Workshop

Love buying make up but don’t have the skills to get the look you want? Have a whole bunch of make up products lying around but have not figured how best to use them? Let a professional make up artist teach you basic make up skills and learn how to utilise that make up palette
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How to Clean Your Make Up Brushes

Now that you know which brush is for which make up product in our previous two articles, it is also important to know how to clean them so that your brushes are hygienic and do not cause any breakout on your skin. Firstly, how often should one clean one’s make up brushes? Make Up Artists
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Correcting Skin’s Colour

Ever had that moment when you put on your foundation or concealer but you are still able to see the redness or the dark circles under your eyes or perhaps you’re still looking dull. Chances that you will pack on more product onto your face and it become an inch thick, looking cakey at the end of
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Know Your Make Up Brushes – Part 2

In our first article on make up brushes, we introduced you to the basics of the various types of materials used in a brush and why certain bristles are good for certain effects or make up products. However, with the various shapes and sizes that these brushes come in, the confusing part would be “which brush is for what kind of product?”.


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make up brushes

Know Your Make Up Brushes – Part 1

Make up brushes play a huge part in most ladies’ make up routine but many probably don’t understand the various types of brushes (yes, we admit that there are quite a few out there), which may result in most using the wrong type of brushes or under utilising your tools when you purchase a full
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BeautyFresh Warehouse Sale

Ladies, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a make up warehouse sale that’s coming up! From 30 March till 1 April 2017, you can get cosmetics by Chanel, M.A.C., NARS, La Mer, Jo Malone and even Dior at up to 80% discount! Organised by BeautyFresh, this warehouse sale will be held at 1 Jalan
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