The Importance of Self-Love as Told by Famous Actresses

Everyone is affected by the subject of body shame and how difficult it is to accept our bodies. Today we’ll look at two people you’d normally wouldn’t expect to go through this and also what you can do to get closer to accepting yourself.

d-flat Aaron Goh

D-Flat and the Importance of Music with Aaron Goh

A lot of people say that music is the language of the soul as it transports us to different eras, makes us feel and let out our emotions and can even encourage us to try something new or discover a new side of ourselves. It’s because of that that music has become an important part of people’s lives, the benefits that not just listening, but playing music can have on a person are innumerable. Because of that, many studios have decided to focus on teaching and helping people become better at crafting music, and today we’ll be looking at one such studio.


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