Mark Macdonald

Interview with Fitness Guru Mark Macdonald

When nutritionist and renowned fitness guru, Mark Macdonald, was in town recently to promote his new weight management programme, we took the chance to speak to him to find out more about the programme, his books as well as his prolific career of coaching many professional athletes such as Olympic Gold Medallists, Shawn Johnson (Gymnastics)
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Interview with Dr Cheng of Women Infinity

With the growing wellness industry, it is always refreshing to find womenpreneurs who step up and are passionate about health as well as helping others. We spoke to Dr Cheng, founder of Women Infinity, which is a brand of collagen that has been helping women achieve better skin as well as better joint health. It
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Jal Yoga Founder

Discovering the Essence of Yoga with Jal Yoga’s Founder

Jal Yoga officially opened its doors in Singapore in late January to bring practitioners of yoga, Pilates and barre to new levels of authenticity and realisation. Nestled in the lush greenery at Alexandra, the brand new studio mixes state-of-the-art facilities with thoughtfully designed space to give their clients a beautiful space to contemplate, relax and
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d-flat Aaron Goh

D-Flat and the Importance of Music with Aaron Goh

A lot of people say that music is the language of the soul as it transports us to different eras, makes us feel and let out our emotions and can even encourage us to try something new or discover a new side of ourselves. It’s because of that that music has become an important part of people’s lives, the benefits that not just listening, but playing music can have on a person are innumerable. Because of that, many studios have decided to focus on teaching and helping people become better at crafting music, and today we’ll be looking at one such studio.


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