senior care

In Home Senior Care: What You Need to Know as a Family Member

Advancements in medicine has enabled us to take care of our aging parents and other family members better than ever before. However, this is still not an easy task. Aging brings with it a loss of physical mobility, as well as a decline in cognitive function. Learning to cope with these difficulties is challenging for
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modern life

Is Modern Life Making You Ill?

We live so differently from the way people lived less than a hundred years ago – everything is so much more accessible. We use technology daily, and it is simplifying tasks, saving us time, and expanding our horizons. Scientific findings are progressing faster than ever before.  Everything points to us thriving as a society. But
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primary foods

What are Primary Foods?

We are all foodies, growing up and living in Singapore, you cannot escape it. Food is inherently a huge part of our culture, it forms a part of our identity. Adapting a concept from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the food we love to ingest and partake in social gatherings is called secondary food. What
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