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DIY Organic Skincare Workshop

Commercial skin care products enlist many different chemicals to achieve fast visible effects, but often leave undesirable side effects too. Even though most countries require all ingredients in the product to be listed, but we still have cases where some companies are dishonest or withhold information. How can we be certain of what is exactly
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anti-acne skincare

Anti-acne Skincare – Boxing Day Giveaway!

It’s Boxing Day but the spirit of Christmas is still alive! We’re giving away this set of anti-acne skincare products to ONE lucky winner. Alba Botanica’s anti-acne skincare range is all natural and made with vegetarian products. Great for teens and even adults who do get the occasional spots. The full set will definitely help
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Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 20: From Rubber Boots to Heels

I had fun interviewing womenpreneur Claire Au, founder of local skincare brand Auolive, as we talked about how she first hung up her suits for rubber boots before chucking them for high heels. I got to try out the products and really loving the thought put into developing the range of hassle free beauty!  
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