Vrinda Seth, Vrinda Lekhi

Standing proud at five feet tall, Vrinda L Seth’s petite frame packs in an unrelenting passion for fashion; she lets her work speak for itself and rocks the boldest of fashions. VL is an internationally acclaimed creative consultant known for her unique taste in fashion, make-up, styling and creative direction. Surely her personality has a lot to do with her success, but it is her keen eye for creative trends and business knowledge that has brought her to where she is today.

Vrinda draws her inspiration from life experiences, and connects with her clients and fashionistas through her enthusiasm, professionalism, and multi-faceted work. VL is an avant-garde fashion styling and creative service agency. VL offers a“one-stop shop” approach, assisting clients from the initial conceptualization and budgeting stages, to the final execution of styling services for individuals, corporates and designers events, photo shoots, fashion shows and direction seeking keen eye to details.

Started out in San Francisco, USA, where VL launched her small scale creative service brand where she took up high potential projects that displayed her innovative skills as a stylist. Her dedication and hard work made her a unanimous choice among her clients.

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