Luke Elijah, Spiritual Coach

Luke ElijahSingapore based spiritual practitioner Luke Elijah was born into a family of holistic healers and spiritual practitioners. His father, Terence is a Tai Chi/ Qi Gong master and Chinese metaphysician with over 35 years of experience. While his highly intuitive and psychically gifted mother, Marilyn specialises in acupoint healing therapy, and creates handmade crystal malas and sacred jewellery. Luke’s grandparents and great-grandparents were also Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physicians and acupressure healing massage therapists.

After his own powerful and intense spiritual awakening back in December 2011, Luke followed his instincts and left a successful multiple award-winning career in the fashion and media industry to follow the footsteps of his ancestry to pursue a path of spiritual service.

Since December 2013, shortly after the prophesied meeting with his twin flame, Luke has been fulfilling his true life purpose to serve as a full-time spiritual practitioner and teacher who conducts and facilitates various holistic themed workshops, guided group meditations, yoga classes, massage therapy, sound/ energy healings, Theta healing, hypnotherapy, and 1-to-1 private consultation sessions using a combination of channelling, tarot/oracle readings, pendulum dowsing, astrology, numerology, and palmistry.

In December 2014, Luke started a YouTube channel where he regularly uploads videos with spiritual content and feature interviews with various successful and interesting people in the health, fitness, holistic and spiritual fields with inspiring stories to share. He is also the owner and moderator of The Lightworkers’ Guild Facebook community, as well as a host of other health and wellness social media pages.

Together with his parents, Luke runs and operates the holistic centre “Heaven on Earth”, which is conveniently located in downtown Singapore and offers a variety of holistic services and products. They frequently travel around the world to exhibit and present at various spiritual fairs and holistic festivals such as Mind Body Spirit Festival, Bali Spirit Festival, Heart Mind Body Festival, SoulScape, WonderFruit Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, and much more.

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