Joel Quek, Personal Trainer

joel quekJoel Quek was elected as the Ultimate Frisbee Coach in 2010 for Team (Ultimate Hot Pandesal) and brought them from one of the lowest ranking to become a mid-tier team within a year. He also attained a black belt in Sports Chanbara (Japanese Sword Fighting) in 2011 and has been practicing martial arts for 8 years.

After attaining his FISAF (Federation of International Sports and Aerobic Fitness) Certificate, he is now conducting personalised fitness training programmes and dynamic fitness classes such as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Boxing, Calisthenics and Sports Chanbara. His classes are mainly focused on Power – where strength meets agility. It is the ability that separates you from others; to run faster, jump higher, lunge further, and punch harder.

He is here to bring you a one-of-a-kind fitness programme that is fun, dynamic and challenging at the same time.

  • FISAF Certified Personal Trainer
  • Ultimate Frisbee Coach for 2 years
  • Black Belt 1st Dan and Instructor for Chanbara
  • Kids on the Move programme/Sports Chanbara Instructor (Kids 3 – 5) at the Canadian International School

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