Fiona Tan, miss:fi:t

Fiona Tan is the first Plus Sized Asian to be internationally crowned as a Beauty Queen in 2016. Not only does she know how to make one look good on the outside no matter the size, she also emits positive vibes and rubs off confidence on women.

Being a big advocate for Women Empowerment, she strongly believes that one should look groomed, to begin with, in order to feel good and look good about oneself. She currently is the founder of miss:fi:t, where her expertise lies in makeovers and personal shopping from head to toe. She’s also the only lady in Singapore that can concoct a custom formula of cosmetic for each individual to suit each skin shade and type.

Check out Fiona’s interview on Melissa’s Table Top Talk here, where she talked about what she thinks is body confidence as well as the projects that she is currently working on.

Fiona can be found on Instagram @miss.fi.t.

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