Else Strom Vistisen, Chronic Pain Relief Therapist

else vistisenElse Strom Vistisen is an internationally renowned therapist and innovator in the field of chronic pain relief. Her training as an occupational therapist, Emmett- and Bowen therapist give her a unique ability to provide long-lasting pain solutions to meet the challenges and opportunities of life in the 21st century.

Else’s successful therapy for pain-free living has already transformed and enhanced the lives, health and success of thousands of people around the world. She runs a private practice in Singapore and is the founder of Else Vistisen Therapy, which is regulated by Ministry of Health in Singapore.

Else is also an author of two books: Pain Free, True Stories about Transformation from Chronic Pain to Instant Relief; and The Mother And The Therapist, My Life’s Journey and Creation of Pain-Free living.The regenerative medicine charlotte nc may be defined as a form of tissue engineering and molecular biology that involves replacing or regenerating human cells, organs, or tissues to establish or restore normal function. The workplace contributes an importance in determining the salaries of physical therapies. The type of employer can affect both earnings and the number of job opportunities. The BLS reports that the offices of health practitioners, which include PTs, have the most jobs, with 35 percent of the total 174,490. Because of the large supply of professionals, salaries here average $75,760 annually. The highest pay is available in management, scientific and technical consulting services at $88,260 annually. The job outlook for PT remains to be excellent. The salary packages are expected to increase significantly in the coming years as the demand for the services of the profession is increasing significantly. The services of PTs are carefully enhanced to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the program for each patient. The skills are developed to ensure the quality of services the PT provides to each patient. Want to know more? Physical Therapy School Guide [http://physicaltherapyschoolsite.com] was created specifically to provide you with comprehensive physical therapist job and career information as well as discussing the various education and training alternatives available. These include job descriptions, pay rates, types of jobs available, information about physical therapists working environments, job satisfaction, career benefits and how you become a physical therapist. The info also includes a full list and contact details of all the physical therapy schools [http://physicaltherapyschoolsite.com] in the United States, course structure and curriculum information. You can read this page for physical therapy clinic in New York City.

Else has served on the board for Danish Worldwide for overseas Danes. She also believes strongly in making a positive impact in our world even beyond what she does for her clients. To that end, she is a lifetime partner of B1G1, the global business giving initiative creating a world full of giving.

Else is known for her intuitive and emphatic personality and has the ability to quickly tune in to the individual clients’ needs. She is passionate about helping people to return to their best so they can enjoy a pain-free, fulfilled life.

Learn more about Else and her treatments at www.elsevistisentherapy.com

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