Elika, Health Coach at Elika Fit

Elika Fit
Elika was born in the North of England but her roots are mainly Caribbean. She has loved sport and athletics for most of her life and have always had a passion for food. She has a Degree (Hons) in Business Studies and studied CIPD to an affiliate level.

She had been working in the recruitment field for over 10 years, partnering closely with the leaders of Fortune 500 companies, giving her a real insight into their lifestyles, time pressures & key challenges.

She decided to become a health coach following years of frustrating yo-yo dieting, over exercising & lack of nutritional support available whilst knowing her health was being compromised. She received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she studied over 50 dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. With her knowledge, she co-creates completely personalised actions based on your goals to move you toward your ideal vision of health within your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and resources.

She was personally able to heal herself of adrenal fatigue, food intolerances, lack of energy, chronic stress, PCOS, insomnia, sugar cravings and imbalanced hormones (yes she had them all!). These are some of the common areas she supports her clients with now. In addition she lost 3 kgs from reducing her body fat, whilst increasing her muscle mass. Weight management has been the icing on the cake for her clients!

As a Health Coach she helps time constrained professionals who want to incorporate fitness and nutrition to reach their health goals, considering their Genetic & DNA preferences, despite a hectic lifestyle!

As a coach, she puts the power back in YOUR hands.

She also contributes to The Wellness Insider regularly so that readers will understand more about the relation between health and nutrition. Learn more about her training and her unique approach to health coaching through her website www.elikafit.com.

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