Elies Hadi, Transformational & Mindfulness Coach

Elies HadiElies Hadi is the founder of “Shine Your Sparkle”, a proven pathway to attain total confidence, courage and inner peace in life.  She was recently interviewed on a motivational radio show, “A Slice of Life” on Singapore Radio Station 93.8FM LIVE. In that episode, she shared about her journey from “Empty Living With No Soul to Passionate Coach”.

She focuses on helping women internationally to tap into their inner sparkle, that diamond within them. It’s about accessing their inner strength and unleashing their heart desires, while staying pragmatic. As an ex-banking industry executive for 6 years, she knows personally the level of pressure a working professional faces.

She has been learning and practicing the science of the mind and the art of emotions for the past 11 years and counting. She speaks and writes regularly on topics of personal development and mindfulness. Her writing has been published by Yoga Journal, The Master Shift (non-profit organisation promoting world peace) and now, The Wellness Insider.

She strongly believes that it’s our birth right to shine and sparkle!

For more information or to contact Elies, please visit www.elieshadi.com.


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