Dr. Surinder Arora – Dentist, Integrative Health Coach and Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Surinder Arora

Surinder is a Certified Health Coach, Kundalini Yoga teacher and qualified Dentist.  Her aim is to guide others in becoming more aware of their own bodies and minds and taking ownership of their own health. She places importance on education and encourages prevention rather than cure in being your best self.

Surinder believes that we are all unique human beings with our own needs and that understanding this is the first step to health and happiness.  The path to health can be overwhelming and Surinder’s role is to guide you on your journey back to total well being.

How do we find the balance in our lives? Health is not just about what we are eating or how much we are exercising. There are so many lifestyle factors that contribute to us feeling on top of the world. As a Kundalini Yoga teacher, Surinder shares that meditation and allowing the mind the work for you are keys to managing the world we live in today.  She will work with you to guide and support you in getting to where you want to be.

As well as taking an integrative approach to healthcare, Surinder does the same with dentistry looking at how food impacts the mouth and how simple shifts in what we consume can make a huge difference on our oral and general well being.

Surinder has been involved with various volunteering projects including dental mission trips, teen retreats and public education seminars on general and oral health.

Visit www.soulsmile.org for more information.



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