Dr Sandhya Sriram, SciGlo

Sandhya Sriram-Founder & CEO of SciGlo (www.sciglo.com)
-Fashion/wellness (#YesIamCurvalicious – www.sandhyasriram.com) and Travel (#TravelnBetterBlog) blogger
-Startup mentor at Vertical VC, Finland

Sandhya is an entrepreneurial scientist and blogger living in Singapore and is of Indian origin. She strongly believes that innovation and entrepreneurship in the health sciences, biotech and healthcare sectors is the way to go and the only way mankind can exist in the future.

Sandhya has been featured in Forbes – [email protected] for her entrepreneurial work. She is a science, travel and fashion enthusiast and wears many hats, along with being a mother of a very active and inquisitive toddler. Sandhya holds a PhD in Biological Sciences and is a strong supporter of women in science.

Sandhya has recently ventured into fashion/wellness (#YesIamCurvalicious – www.sandhyasriram.com) and travel (#TravelnBetterBlog) blogging. Her fashion/wellness blog caters to women of all sizes and advocates healthy eating and living, to look and feel good about yourself. Body confidence, feeling good and being comfortable in one’s own skin is what she wants to convey to people. The reason she started the Yes, I am Curvalicious fashion, wellness and style blog is due to the frustration of not finding good-looking, sexy, awesome, affordable plus size/normal size clothes and footwear in Singapore and SE Asia, in general. She had to buy clothes online from the US or shop in India… but shopping online is not always great – everyone knows that! Over the last 8 years of living in Singapore and travelling extensively in Asia and the rest of the world, she identified brands and shops that cater to my needs and offer comfortable clothes – because she is all about comfort – especially during vacations, running behind a toddler and to work/live in this hot and humid climate/aircon work spaces.

This blog features those brands and styles that she loves and wanted to share this with her readers. Apart from fashion and style trends, she also shares wellness/fitness and health related snippets…cos science and healthcare is in the air she breathes and she believe that you can be any size you want/are, but you should be healthy…

She is fond of good vegetarian food and loves to travel in comfort and style. She has already traveled to over 30+ countries/cities and dreams of retiring at 40 and travel the rest of the world. She is constantly planning her next trip! Fashion and travel go hand in hand; who does not want to look good when they are on a vacation? She provides a good recipe for both and her travel and fashion snaps can be seen on her Instagram feed.

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