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Dr Gary Tho is an Author, Speaker and Founder of ChiroWorks, a family sports and wellness clinic in Singapore. He specialises in pain relief and peak performance for athletes, families and those stuck at a desk in front of computers and smartphones.

Pain causes us to avoid activities, and miss out on life. Imagine if you could rid yourself of these pains, and feel great every day! What would it be like to get your zest for life back? If you are suffering from any injuries, aches or pains, and want to feel better, heal faster and not feel down, frustrated and low in energy, connect with him via email, phone or any social media channel (@drgarytho), and he’ll get you back to enjoying life and doing the things you once enjoyed.

Dr Gary was also featured in our Expert Views in episode 3, where he covered the topic “That Pain In The Neck“.

Dr Gary Tho can be contacted at:

Chiropractic Works
email: [email protected]
Phone: +65 67334439

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