Anna Tan, SoulFit Studios

anna tan“In a world that is rapidly changing, giving people a space to stop, breath and just ‘be’; away from the stresses and demands of life and work – is essential to our emotional, mental and physically wellbeing.”

This is Anna Tan’s philosophy of life and is driving all her entrepreneurial activities. She successfully blends her beliefs and lifestyle aspirations with her businesses, that all are a reflection of her strongly held life philosophy and her deep desire to share this knowledge with the widest audience possible.

Anna believes that one’s quest for quality of life and the ability to perform professionally on a high level are intimately linked, and SoulFit Studios, her latest entrepreneurial venture, is designed to allow anyone to affordably benefit from life-changing coaching and trainings.

Of all her business ventures, Anna feels that it is her best yet. It’s all about sharing and allowing anyone to change his or her life for the better, and in this process impacting others to do the same.

Anna Tan is the founder and CEO of both CoachingGoWhere.com and BarrageVision.com, companies supporting corporate development and growth development. Anna is an award winning Business Transformation Program Manager and a published author. She has been coaching for over 20 years. SoulFit Studios offers a unique combination of mindfulness & resilience, coupled with professional development and personal growth through group coaching.

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