Abelene Hu, Life Coach

Abelene Hu is an Intuitive Life Coach, Organisational Wellbeing Corporate Trainer and creator of the 5 Steps to Self-Mastery™ public workshop series. She hopes to help others overcome what she had been through, and to create positive work cultures for increased productivity and job satisfaction. Having experienced depression, low self-esteem, weight issues, anxiety attacks and survived a suicide attempt, Abelene knows how lost it feels to repeat each day stuck and soulless. She is now sharing what she learned on her healing journey. Her aim is to empower each individual with practical life skills for successful self-transformation.

Live Your Life Purpose™ is a key service Abelene provides to guide clients to joy and purpose in life. As an internationally licensed Heal Your Life® Life Coach, Corporate Trainer and Workshop Teacher based on the work of self-development pioneer Louise L. Hay, Abelene is also certified in the Medical Intuition System (MIS)™ energy clearing modality. For change to be effective and sustainable, she integrates the positive thinking and safe emotional release techniques from Louise Hay with the healing elements of MIS, Human Design, Mindfulness, and Aromatherapy for a multi-disciplinary approach to her life coaching practice.

Happiness At Work™ is Abelene’s signature corporate training programme. Coming from a corporate marketing background, Abelene understands first-hand that work cultures can affect job performances. Abelene specially designed this programme to bring positive shifts to the workplace. By teaching employees easy and effective self-help methods, a productive work environment that is also enjoyable is possible.

Abelene shares her 5 Steps to Self-Mastery™ system at themed workshops that range from topics on Health, Abundance, Happiness, Life Purpose to Relationships. It is a step-by-step process containing steps that anyone can easily apply.

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