Cheers to Better Health with Wine

When you get home from a stressful day at work, or when you’re tired from the daily grind of life, it’s always good to take the edge off with a glass of wine. It’s true that drinking alcohol continuously has its risks but it feels so right doesn’t it? It’s even an essential part of
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5 Reasons to Try Swimming

When we want to start a new exercise we usually go for something that involves running, but there’s another type of exercise that can help us get fit just as well, swimming.

The Importance of Self-Love as Told by Famous Actresses

Everyone is affected by the subject of body shame and how difficult it is to accept our bodies. Today we’ll look at two people you’d normally wouldn’t expect to go through this and also what you can do to get closer to accepting yourself.

Healthy Minds Makes an Effort to Improve Mental Health Treatment in the UK

We’re in the year for Depression Awareness and with so many events that make us question the way we look at mental health, just how should we change the way we deal with it? An up and coming organization in Britain may have the answer for that.

great singapore sale

5 Awesome Sites to Check Out this GSS

The Great Singapore Sale (GSS for short) has started and that means that a lot of stores will be shelling out discounts and products for every shopper to enjoy. While the city is buzzing with tourists and citizens going out to try and get the best deals possible, we ourselves have decided to make our
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