About Us

Here at The Wellness Insider, we are in the business of Body Confidence and we want you to feel great on the inside and out. By providing a platform of curated expert opinions, products and services, you get to make informed choices without any judgement. We believe that everyone should feel positive about themselves, no matter which part of their journey they are at in achieving their health goals.


Our Founder

Melissa Fann

Melissa Fann is the founder of The Wellness Insider. With a Bachelors in Arts and Social Sciences (hons.) from NUS, she went into the finance industry where she accumulated a decade of experience in events management as well as traditional and digital marketing. She also spearheaded the social media and content marketing of a local brokerage, where she also revamped their website using UI/UX principles. With this experience, she aims to help independent wellness experts and small brands reach out to a wide audience through the platform and educate readers in a holistic manner.

As a marketer, she does not believe that messages that make women feel bad about themselves is a good way of advertising. Why can’t marketing messages be positive and still able to sell a product or service?

Her passion for providing a voice for body positivity stemmed from her own experience, where she too had faced issues about body image and had learnt how to move on to become confident. As such, she wants to empower others who are grappling with their own body issues with good information. Which is why she started The Wellness Insider to be a proponent for body confidence, and she wants others to feel beautiful on the inside and out.

She is currently working on a book with the working title “Building Body Confidence“. She has also been featured in The Asian Entrepreneur, Eros Coaching, L3 Hub,  SAUCEink, Lady Boss Asia, Active Age, Entreé, StarNgage and Soul Rich Woman.

Melissa’s personal blog is www.melfann.com and as she is a foodie, you can follow her food escapades at her food blog In Chef Mode.

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