Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Buying for him can be challenging. So how do you shop for that special man in your life? Fret not as we came up with a list of gifts for every man in your life – be it your brother, boyfriends, husband or fathers.


Not one of those ugly Christmas sweaters that he will leave at the back of his wardrobe but rather classics that he can wear to the office or even on casual weekends.


Men don’t wear a lot of accessories and thus, a watch is perfect for them to make their statement when it comes to fashion. Choose either a leather or steel strap as these are classics and will go with any outfit. We’ve also chosen sports watches here for the more active men!


Books are great for those who are more introverted or simply looking to expand his knowledge. Best is to suss out the type of books he already likes and see whether you can add a book to a series that he might be following OR a book from his favourite author that he just hasn’t gotten yet. Even if he is into e-books, hardcopies are still treasured and you can always add a special message on the first page. If you really can’t decide, then perhaps opt for an Amazon gift card so that he can decide which books to buy and even load up on his kindle!


Cord / Cordless Hair Clipper Gift Set, Usb, Pouch, Detail Trimmer

Provide your man with quick and efficient trimming of beard, mustache and even hair with this cordless hair keeper as a gift for this Christmas. No Shave November has ended, its time to trim those beards off and look neat for the jolly season. Even if he does want to keep his facial hair, all the more he will need proper trimmers to keep that beard or goatee neat.


Edible presents are your go-to for male friends but instead of buying a box of assorted chocolates, make him feel a little special by getting chocolates as suggested above – slightly individual and not so much for sharing.


We know…this seems like a ‘boring’ gift but just like watches, a man can have more than one belt and we suggest that all men should have at least one black and one brown leather belt to mix and match. We present two such belts to you and you can choose either a luxe or budget version.

Beer, Wine or Spirit

What to buy for the person who has everything? If he appreciates alcohol, a suggestion would be to get either something collectible such as the Crystal Head Vodka or Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Whiskey. If you’re really not sure about what type of alcohol he likes or you think you can’t add onto his large collection or a bottle is waaay out of your budget, then perhaps you can get him related accessories such as our suggestions below:



The Crown Perfumery Company established in 1872, is the only perfume that has been granted to use Queen Victoria’s Crown on its bottle. An image that defines royalty, thus it is another grooming products on our list if you’re looking to buy something sensual for him.

Otherwise, you can let your man know that he’s your king with D&G’s exclusive edition of THE ONE ROYAL NIGHT.

You can also go the cheeky route with Victoria Secret’s cologne that’s named “Very Sexy”. Indeed.

Messenger Bag

A messenger or shoulder bag is essential for every man. It blends in with every outfit, let it be personal or professional. He can pack it full of essentials for a night away from home, or fit his professional life inside for the commute to the office. Which makes this Christmas gift for him one that is of great value!


Photo Credits: Amazon, EAmart,, Redmart, Tommy Hilfiger and Zilingo

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