Love and Light Festival – The Most Extravagant Wellness & Holistic Event of The Year

Searching for spiritual health, mental clarity and physical wellbeing? Or are you a holistic practitioner who wants to share your journey or services? Then Love and Light Festival is the wellness and holistic retreat festival that you’ve been looking for! Created for people of all ages and walks of life, this festival aims to guide those who are seeking answers, directions and support to improve their way of living.

love and light festival

On the 23rd to the 25th of November in Singapore, participants can enjoy workshops and retreats while also connecting one-on-one with holistic practitioners on their services and merchandises. They can meet practitioners like Jasmine Miller, who is able to lead you in spiritual counselling; Zeo Sheehan, who specialises in Akashic reading and Claudia Sun-Gerber, who is a clairsentient healer and teacher. All their services are said to lead to the healing of the mind, soul and emotions. Through these activities, the organiser hopes to create a community of well-being where likeminded individuals can come together and find their best selves – which is also the mission of this festival.

Besides the physical, be inspired by the spiritual fulfillment of the soul. Love and Light Festival is also the first in Singapore to include a Card Reading Section, where participants can have either tarot or oracle card readings in private. There will also be Healing Energy Work, Meditation, Counseling, Emotional Freedom Technique and many more.

“These insights and realisations have brought me a sense of love, fulfillment and inner peace. It has improved my way of living and I am thrilled to bring some of the best practitioners around the region to guide and support as many souls as possible, “says, Huiling, the Founder of Laughing Soul and the organiser of Love and Light Festival.

Come and join some of the best holistic wellness practitioners around the region and in Singapore as they achieve the highest fulfillment of the mind and spirit this November! It is free and open to the public throughout the three days.

Dates: Fri to Sun, 23-25 November 2018
Venue: Peony Junior Room (Level 4), Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre


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Photos: Love and Light Festival


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