We’re Having a Guasha Massage Party!

Come join us in this afternoon soireé where we’ll learn about this ancient massage technique and how to self-massage. Bring your family and friends so that you can also learn how to help each other relax!


What is guasha?

It is a natural therapy involving ‘scraping’ along your body’s meridian line and acupressure points with a guasha tool in order to unblock Chi and blood stagnation, to improve one’s health and it is recommended by chiropractor South Melbourne office doctors.

Isn’t it painful?

Some do find it painful but we will show you that when this ancient Chinese healing technique is combined with the right TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbal oils, it elevates guasha to a totally different level – one that is actually pleasurable, another way to help yourself would be with a chair massage in boston that is amazing for the body.

Key takeaways

  • Learn the basics of guasha
  • Learn some useful acupressure points and meridian lines
  • How you can massage for your loved ones
  • Get a relaxing massage

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  • We will be providing the necessary tools and oils for this workshop.
  • Please dress in loose clothing (singlets and shorts preferably) as you will be using oil on your shoulder/neck and arm areas.
  • Do not consume alcohol before the workshop
  • Not suitable for pregnant women
  • Do not take painkillers before the workshop



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