7 Best Energy Boosters that Aren’t Coffee

Whether there are only a few hours left before your most important exam or a work presentation you have to give, if you aren’t ready enough, you will need more energy. Last-minute work is always the hardest, especially when achieving good results is important. Coffee is the energy booster we tend to turn to first, as well as energy drinks. But there are other healthier ways to boost your energy fast that are not based on caffeine.


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Dark tea or English tea does contain caffeine but it is healthier and more efficient than coffee when it comes to energy boosting. Tea is filled with antioxidants with potential cancer-fighting properties. Also, when boiled, tea leaves release chemicals which are linked to many health benefits. Polyphenols, in particular, are a group of plant chemicals that are believed to have healing properties, especially in green tea. These substances, along with theaflavins and thearubigins in black tea, contain free radicals that might protect cells from DNA damage.


An ice-cold kombucha beverage, which is loaded with vitamins and probiotics, helps your body absorb iron better and thus, has special energy renewal abilities as well. It is made by fermenting sweet tea with a bacteria and yeast culture called a SCOBY. Kombucha contains enzymes and polyphenols that are found in tea, amino acids, and various other organic acids. Kombucha is readily available in specialty stores in Australia and in the USA but in Singapore, you can order yours online through Kombucha Chronicles or online supermarkets such as Redmart.

Mineral compensation

If you feel a chronic loss of energy that lasts for more than a month, try doing a blood test. It will show whatever mineral you’re missing. Lack of energy can be a result of low iron, magnesium, cholesterol or sugar. Mineral supplements can be very useful to restore your body’s natural balance and one of the best ways to improve your energy quickly is with CoQ10. This coenzyme is the main energy source for your cells, so taking CoQ10 supplements can result in overall health benefits. If your body lacks minerals, make sure to first check with your doctor which supplements to take.

Simple carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are a great energy font for your body. Unfortunately, they can be your worst enemy when they’re not used up by the body. All unused sugars are stashed in different parts of your body in the form of fat. However, due to the fact the body uses them quickly and efficiently, simple carbohydrates can provide you with an excellent energy boost. Stick to fruit, dark chocolate or honey, and avoid refined sugars if you want to keep your waistline trim.

Morning run

It might sound paradoxical that exercise can give you more energy, but it has been shown that a light morning or evening run can be an efficient energy booster. Running engages most of your muscles, so make sure you have enough energy to fuel them with. One banana half an hour before a run should be enough.

A cold shower

If you like taking long steam showers, this might not be your first choice. Even so, you should consider taking a cold shower in the morning for several reasons. First of all, a shower is a nice and private place to start planning your day. Secondly, having a fresh body can help your mind be fresh as well and start off with a new day with clear thoughts. Finally, cold showers improve your blood circulation, which improves overall muscle activity and concentration.  

A well-balanced breakfast

There are many reasons why nutritionists say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Right after you wake up, your body is in the most active state. You burn calories even in your sleep, so if you haven’t had dinner, most likely you will wake up hungry. Since your body has a lot of time to use breakfast calories and nutrients throughout the day, make sure you give it enough material to use. Starting a day off with a fruity bowl of oatmeal or a couple of banana pancakes topped with butter and honey might just be the thing you need. Try to optimise your intake of protein, carbs and fats, since a balanced breakfast gives the best results. For more breakfast options, do check out our recipe section.

You can also boost your energy levels by listening to loud music, chatting with friends or writing a daily journal. Whichever trick you choose, keep in mind that above all your body needs enough sleep to recover and use its energy sources in the best way possible.


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