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We’re proud to say that The Wellness Insider is turning TWO this year and to commemorate this milestone, we are compiling body positive interviews with personalities such as Fiona Tan, Miss Top of the World (Plus Size) 2016; Cheryl Tay, founder of Rock the Naked Truth; and Dr Martha Lee, Singapore’s first clinical Sexologist.

This book is really important to me as well as to The Wellness Insider, because we stand for body confidence and we want to tell the stories of people who have struggled/ still struggling/ counsel those who struggle with body issues. Through these stories, we wish that those who are feeling bad about their bodies will learn to love themselves and appreciate the fact that they’re not alone; this book is also meant to educate those who see their loved ones struggling with body confidence – allowing them some insight into our world and to hopefully, help them to be less judgemental and to be more empathetic.

As such, we would like to seek your kind support in this crowdfunding project. Your pledge will be a pre-purchase of the book and every little pledge will allow us to grow closer to seeing the book turn into actual hard copies. There are options where you can get a signed copy by yours truly!

I really hope to garner your support and feel free to share this project with your family and friends!

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