10 Healthy Snacks We Found Online

While we don’t usually recommend snacking…we do know that there are times where you do need to have small bites in between to keep your energy levels up. Do you need gluten-free snacks, or are you just looking for healthy snack ideas packed with protein and not too much sugar? Here’s a list of healthier snack options that we found online. Best part? They can be delivered to your doorstep or office so that you can share the goodness with your colleagues!

Oh So Healthy Mango Sweet Potato Banana Fruit Crisps

Oh So Healthy Mango Sweet Potato Banana Fruit Crisps S$1.95

What we like about this snack is that it’s made with high-quality ingredients and isn’t fried so it does not contain extra oils, fats, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. Made from 100% natural fruit, it naturally contains vitamin C and potasium. It comes in three combinations of fruit: Guava, Purple Yam, Banana; Purple Yam, Banana, Coconut; and Mango, Sweet Potato, Banana. It is tasty, good and healthy! Perfect for those who are gluten intolerant or are vegans too.

Eat Real Quinoa Chips Sundried Tomato And Roasted Garlic Flavour

Eat Real Quinoa Chips Sundried Tomato And Roasted Garlic Flavour S$2.50

Made from whole quinoa flour, these quinoa chips and flavoured with delicious Sundried Tomato & Roasted Garlic seasoning. It is based on three simple concepts: taste, nutrition and real ingredients. It is a healthier crisp alternative!

Clearspring Lightly Salted Organic Rice Cakes

Clearspring Organic Puffed Rice Cakes S$1.90

As far as healthy snacks go, Clearspring Organic Puffed Rice Cakes are light and crispy, and make a delicious bite straight from the pack or served with toppings or spreads such as hummus. They are a healthy, low fat and wholesome alternative to bread and other crackers. 

Yes Natural Organic Brown Rice Original Ring Cracker

Yes Natural Organic Brown Rice Original Cracker S$2.30

This organic brown rice based snack is suitable for both adults and children. It is made with finest quality organic brown rice which is carefully selected and processed to preserve the natural goodness in every grain. This tasty snack is processed via advanced technology and does not contain any MSG or preservatives. Although it is a processed snack, it still contains more fibre and nutrients than your regular white rice, corn or wheat-based snacks

Luke’s Organic Kale Multigrain Chips

Luke’s Organic Kale Multigrain Chips S$6.15

Gluten free, non-gmo, vegan and organic, the origin of this chips is inspiring as it is made by by a family for their kids struggling with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivities. Kosher Kale Chips are made with ancient grains and seeds like quinoa, amaranth and millet along with the health benefits of organic kale – sneaking in some of those desired 5 a day portions of fibre.

Nature’s Wonder Baked Macadamias

Nature’s Wonder Baked Macadamias S$12.70

These macadamia nuts are good source of protein and calcium. They have a satisfying flavour of buttery taste. Its loaded with protein, calcium and B-complex vitamins. Simply pair it with oats and cereals for breakfast or have it as a healthy snack. But do be careful not to pop too many as it is still high in fats, especially when compared to other types of nuts.

Mitoku White Sesame Brown Rice Snacks

Mitoku Brown Rice Sesame Snack S$5.90

Mitoku Brown Rice Sesame Snacks are unique, delicious, wholesome crackers made from steamed brown rice and whole sesame seeds. Oven baked to perfection then seasoned with wheat-free Tamari and Uchida brown rice malt. Enjoy the superb flavour and satisfying crispness right out of the bag, or try them with appetisers, soups and salads. 

Bare Fruits 100-percent Natural Crunchy Honey Coconut Chips

Bare Fruits 100-percent Natural Crunchy Honey Coconut Chips 40g S$5.00

Discover a whole new way to enjoy the amazing taste of tropical coconuts. Crafted in small batches, the coconuts are toasted to perfection with just a touch of honey. When you are craving something delicious, reach for crunchy goodness-reach for bare.

Slim Secrets Afternoon Snack Attack! Choc Caramel Decadence

Slim Secrets Afternoon Snack Attack! Choc Caramel Decadence S$3.90

A decadent chocolate caramel snack bar under 140 calories that you will think is too good to be true. Packed with protein and fibre that will help control your cravings, it may even help prevent overeating at meal times. It is high in protein and fibre, low GI and wheat free. This will help stave off hunger between lunch and dinner, especially if you’re going to be working late.

Made Good Organic Granola Bar Chocolate Banana

Made Good Organic Granola Bar Chocolate Banana S$7.90

Rich dark chocolate and ripe bananas. A granola bar that tastes just like dessert and contains the nutrients in one full serving of vegetables. Dark chocolate is not only delicious, it is also filled with beneficial antioxidants. Do note that it is a bit high in sugar compared to the other snacks, which may not necessarily make it the best option. Nonetheless, it is still a lot higher in fibre and nutrients compared to other snacks. And at 90 calories per bar, it is not a bad choice compared to potato chips!


Remember to limit your snacking but if you really need to reach for those munchies, do opt for healthier choices!

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