Transform Yourself With Innerdance

Innerdance is a self enquiry and healing process towards authentic self and meaningful existence. Following this session you’ll know how to flow through your days without stress, and you’ll have a much greater understanding of your body!
Innerdance is also grounded in the science of vibration, senses, sound, and frequency, as it creates shifts through our brainwaves, and our internal process. Innerdance peels away the layers of our conditioned mental limitations!
Through intuitive touch, healing, energy awareness, sounds, and verbal guidance, I will help you to flow through your own Innerdance.

The process is transformative, one that also shifts the physical body towards wholeness–Oneness.

Come, and experience Innerdance for yourself!

Experience includes:

  • Connect to your inner self, which allows for self enquiry and self healing
  • Learn to understand your body better
  • Through careful guidance you will uncover a sense of release from personal blockages, becoming truly closer to Oneness

Dates: Wed, 22 August 2018
Time: 3.30pm to 5.30pm
Venue: River Valley Road, Singapore 238323 (exact address will be provided after booking)
Price: S$38 per person

To register, please click here.

Photo credits: Funzing


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