Aerial Silk Hatha

This class introduces students to the Aerial Yoga silk hammocks.

You will explore a repertoire of poses. You will learn about breathing, mental focus, and safety measures used in Aerial Yoga class as well as becoming comfortable with being suspended off the ground and inversion.

aerial yoga

You will experience the peace, tranquillity, and exhilaration that aerial yoga can bring you, as you meditate, stretch, “fly”, and find your centre in this incredibly healing floating Savasana.

Total new aerial yoga beginners are encouraged to go for 2-4 Aerial Vinyasa classes before attempting Aerial Silk Hatha.

Experience includes:

  • 45 minutes session of Aerial Silk Hatha Yoga
  • Professional guidance
  • 1 Complimentary towel rental + Mats and Yoga props
Thursday, 16 August12.15 to 12.55pm
Friday, 17 August8.30 to 9.10pm

Venue: Robinson Road, Singapore 068908 (exact address will be provided after booking)
S$30 per person

To register, please click here.


Photo credits: Funzing


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