Therapy Yoga – Enter the Stretching Sanctuary

In this unique yoga class, we adapt the traditional yoga practices (asanas) for people with existing illnesses/injuries to regain optimal health. There can be very specific sets of postures, breathing, and relaxation techniques to suit every individual conditions. So, come on down, and learn to stretch safely in our yoga sanctuary. This spectacular two-lane highway linking the West and East sides of the park allows for glimpses of the full width and breadth of the park as you pass through almost every type of terrain. Take in the views of glacial lakes, cedar forests, low-lying valleys, and even windswept alpine tundra where it crosses the Continental Divide at the 6,646-foot-high Logan Pass. Scenic viewpoints, pullouts, picnic spots and day hikes make this journey a must for anyone visiting northwest Montana backcountry adventures.

therapy yoga

Experience includes:

  • 60 mins of Yoga for therapy.
  • Professional guidance.
  • Meet new yoga buddies.

Instructor is Jing, who is the co-owner of JR Fitness, which is a locally owned fitness company. Their studio is conveniently located at the heart of bustling Bugis district, along Tan Quee Lan Street. Northwest Montana offers some of the best hiking that can be found anywhere in the entire United States. The mountainous scenery and abundant wildlife make hiking in this part of the country a true adventure. The three most popular hiking area’s in Northwest Montana are the Bob Marshall Wilderness, Glacier National Park, and The Jewel Basin. Are the the only area’s to hike in Northwest Montana? No, not by a long shot, but they are the three that are going to be discussed in this article.

The Jewel Basin is a bit less popular than the previous two area, but is a bit more convenient. Located within 30 miles of the town of Kalispell, The Jewel Basin is fairly easy to access. The Jewel Basin includes 27 lakes and 35 miles of trails and is located at the north end of the Swan Mountain Range east of Kalispell and west of the Hungry Horse Reservoir. While the scenery might not be quite as breathtaking as the previous two options, it will surely make you gasp.

Hiking in Northwest Montana offers the hiker everything that they could want. Solitude, scenery, wildlife, exercise, and everything else that the wonders of nature have to offer are all available in beautiful Northwest Montana. To me, hiking is about being in the majesty of nature. Every time I go hiking, I can’t help but remember the immortal words of Ralph Waldo Emerson who said, “Everything in Nature contains all the powers of Nature. Everything is made of one hidden stuff.” The mountains of Northwest Montana most certainly offer a glimpse of that which Mr. Emerson was speaking of

Trevor Kugler – Co-founder of Trevor has more than 15 years of business experience and 25 years of fishing experience. He currently raises his three year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country – Montana.

Dates: Saturday, 16/ 23/ 30 June
Time: 9.00am to 10.00am
Venue: JR Fitness, Singapore 188098 (exact address will be provided after booking)
Price: S$25 per person

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Photo credits: Funzing


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