Tips to be Active and Less Sinful at Artbox Singapore 2018

Artbox Singapore is back and the highly anticipated creative pop-up market is now bigger and that means more experiences in terms of retail, activities and…food! With more than 400 booths, of which 160 are food and beverage, how are you able to be on track with your health goals while still indulging a little? Here are some of our top tips to do just that and enjoy the event with family and friends.

Go with a few friends or family members

The beauty of having company is that you get to share food and the calories! With so many varieties of food, you would want to have a taste of as many types as possible and this is doable when you have others to share them with. Moreover, with the average prices of food being around $6-$10, you’ll feel less of a dent in your wallet when costs are also shared.

Don’t go on an empty stomach

It is tempting to go there hungry and fill it up with all the yummy street food that Artbox has to offer. Especially when there are curated stalls featuring Thai delicacies with merchants who flew all the way from Thailand! However, if you will make better food choices if you aren’t that hungry.

Protect your skin

With Singapore’s heat and humidity plus the recent bout of rain, you will need to protect your skin by slapping on that sunblock. Further protect yourself by wearing a cap or hat, sunglasses and bring an umbrella or poncho, in the case that it rains. If you forget to apply sunblock, fret not as Sunplay has a booth where you can stand the chance to win a tube of their sunblock.

Walk around first


We know that walking is a good form of exercise and walking around while perusing the booths have two health benefits: burning calories to work up a bit of appetite, and helping you to better decide what foods to buy. Remember to load up on your tissues and to bring a portable fan as you walk through the 140,000 square feet marketplace in the natural sauna also known as the Singapore weather.

Remember your basics

“The Siam Galaxy” by The Juicy Way 

You might make your trip to Artbox your cheat day (probably a wise decision!) but try to keep some basic ‘rules’ in mind. For example, choose fruit juice or mineral water instead of sugary drinks; grilled meats instead of fried foods; complex carbs instead of simple ones. We did see some booths selling sweet potato fries and that is definitely slightly better than the usual french fries since sweet potato is a complex carb. To quench our thirst, we opted for juices by The Juicy Way and one particular favourite of ours was “The Siam Galaxy” (S$5 for 400ml, S$6 for 500ml), which contained a mix of watermelon, soursop, honeydew, blue pea flower as well as chia and flaxseed powder. Not only did we get hydrated, the chia and flaxseed powder ensured that we had our dose of protein and fibre.

Take part in the games and activities

MTV’s Fear Factor container with a Virtual Reality challenge

This year’s Artbox Singapore has gone beyond just food and retail – with several games and activities to enjoy! This weekend also coincides with Presenting Sponsor DBS’ Marina Regatta and as such, attendees are able to challenge others who are playing the same physical activities on the other side of the marina. Another interesting activity to try out is the MTV container booth where they have a Virtual Reality flag challenge where you can face your greatest fear (such as fear of heights)!

Entrance of the Foam Pit

Another activity that is sure to use up some energy is the Foam Pit. Think of the usual ball pit play area that you find in a children playground and then add some large foam cubes into the mix. It’s really cute as it fits into this year’s “Oasis” theme and is the waterless pool to hang out and just have fun. We reckon that it’s also a great place to let the children (as well as young at heart) to release some energy in the comfort of the cool air-conditioning there are also some cooling fans that they got from Instash.


Don’t need to feel too guilty if you didn’t exactly eat healthy. After all, a balanced lifestyle should have some ‘sinful’ pleasures and if you have been exercising regularly, that bucket full of fries or meatballs isn’t going to break your waistline.

Check out our highlights of Artbox Singapore 2018 in the video below!

Artbox Singapore 2018: Oasis

Dates:Fri to Sun; 25-27 May and 1-3 June
Timing: 3 to 11pm
Venue:Bayfront Event Space, next to Marina Bay Sands – The Shoppes
12A Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018970
Nearest MRT: Bayfront

For more details on Artbox Singapore, please visit

Photo credits: Artbox Singapore and The Wellness Insider


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