infrared yoga

Get Glowing with Infrared Vinyasa Yoga

Come and get glowing at the only studio in Singapore that offers Infrared Heat Yoga! Hot yoga brings no additional benefits, and can be detrimental as you are breathing hot air, which leads to excessive and unnecessary dehydration. With Infrared Heat Yoga, infrared rays are delivered directly to the skin and muscles, letting you reap
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japanese yoga

Japanese Yoga & Sushi (Botanic Gardens)

Singapore’s first ever Shinshin Tōitsu-dō (心身統一道) Edition! This special edition of Yoga is joined by special guest yoga instructor, Makiko Deguchi, who will be infusing a Japanese form of yoga known as Shinshin-tōitsu-dō into the Hatha practice session. Aiming to strengthen the bodies and minds of practitioners, this Japanese yoga demonstration will help reveal your
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