Sundown with Love and Capeless Heroes

Sundown with Love is OSIM Sundown Marathon’s charity campaign and this year’s lead-up run was held on 31 March where 10 Ambassadors ran to raise funds for six beneficiaries for the first time in the Sundown community. These ambassadors also ran with representatives of their chosen charities in a 3km run, exemplifying how we can all be heroes in our own small ways.

The Sundown with Love Ambassadors with Adrian Mok, Managing Director of HiVelocity

The six beneficiaries are:

  • Food From the Heart (FFTH)
  • Oasis Second Change Animal Shelter (OSCAS)
  • Boys’ Town
  • Alzheimer’s Disease Association (ADA)
  • Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN)
  • Singapore Cancer Society (SCS)

The charity outreach campaign hopes to raise awareness for some of the most pressing health and social issues facing today’s society. The Sundown with Love Ambassadors have started to raise funds through and will compete either a full or full marathon on actual race day on 19 May at the F1 Pit Building.

“We are proud of what the Sundown with Love charity outreach campaign has achieved over the years and are heartened to see more and more runners wanting to give back each year,” said Adrian Mok, Managing Director of HiVelocity Pte Ltd, organiser of the OSIM Sundown Marathon.

“The OSIM Sundown Marathon has always been inclusive and we try to show this by working with organisations such as the Society for the Physically Disabled and Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped on race day preparations and on race day itself,” he added.

Current health statistics and social concerns

According to the Ministry of health, cancer is the number one principal cause of death, responsible for 29.6% of deaths in 2016. There has also been an alarming increase in dementia incidence rate with numbers projected to rise to more than 100,000 by 2030 from the current 40,000 (in elderly aged 60 and above), as reported by doctors of the National Neuroscience Institute.

Sundown with Love Ambassador Kennedy Yap

The youngest ambassador is Kennedy Yap and at 21, he has a personal experience with Alzheimer’s where his late grandmother was diagnosed with the disease. “It’s a sad disease because over time, my grandmother didn’t recognise us, didn’t know our names or what she liked and couldn’t event talk. It’s a very painful disease and not as widely talked about. More should be done to ensure those with the disease can have a higher quality of life,” Yap said.

The National Environment Agency reported food waste comprises 10% of the total waste in Singapore but that number can be reduced to half, and FFTH aims to help by collecting unsold foods from bakeries and hotels to distribute to welfare homes, senior activity centres and other needy families island-wide daily.

There is an also an increasing public concern to safeguard animal welfare in Singapore.

Contributing members of society

One of OSIM Sundown Marathon’s core values is to push the limit’s of one’s personal bests, with the brand firmly believing in enabling and inspiring individuals to live the best life they can. Which is why it is heartening for the Ambassadors to support Boys’ Town and the Association for Persons with Special Needs where both organisations enable their community members to be active, contributing members of society.

Love Ambassador Ng Han Bin

Love Ambassador for Boys’ Town, Ng Han Bin, is part of Singapore Slingers and he commented, “The boys at the Boys’ Town come from a very tough background but it’s all about resilience or what I call, the ‘Win Mentality’. It doesn’t matter what you did in the past and you can’t control the future. It’s more about the effort that you put in today that will make the difference in the long run. I think that creating a vision and giving them a goal to work towards, then seeing in their eyes that what I said had sunk in – is both rewarding and humbling.”

Through Sundown with Love, it is not just about raising funds for these charities but also to serve as a platform to show that individuals with special needs are “just differently enabled so we should look past their disability,” as explained by Karen Tan, Communications and Partnerships Manager for APSN.

sundown with love

Members of the public and participants of the marathon can show their support by making donations through or through the campaign website

To participate in the OSIM Sundown Marathon, please visit

Photo credits: OSIM Sundown Marathon 2018


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