Introduction to Champagne Class

Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.

Honestly, who doesn’t love bubbles? They are fun and sophisticated and no one ever is miserable drinking them. A bottle of bubbles makes everyone feel like a royalty. It turns a lackluster date into a marriage proposal…. or a party into a gala.


Whether you’re spending time with your love, your family, your friends or just yourself (and your cat), Champagne can make every moment a happy one.

This introductory workshop will provide you with a better understanding of Champagne by covering the stages from vine to wine; you will learn how to read a label; how to choose glassware and most importantly the art of tasting Champagne instantly.

Session Overview

1) Introduction of Champagne Regions and History

2) Understanding Champagne Labels

3) How Champagne is made

4) The components of Champagne and wine lingo

Wine Tasting Overview

(1 Grand Cru Vintage 2009 Champagne + 1 Grower Champagne + 3 Non Vintage Champagnes + 1 Rose Champagne)

5) Learn and taste the 3 most important grape varietals in Champagnes – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier

6) How to taste Champagne like a professional

7) Compare and contrast Vintage vs Non-Vintage Champagnes, Grand Cru vs Non Grand Cru Champagnes, Champagnes vs Prosecco

8) Effects of taste in different glassware

Take this opportunity to taste and compare champagnes from Moet Chandon, Veuve Clicquot and more.

Also taste the winning multi vintage champagne which won the hearts of the Sommelier Association of Singapore and other well respected wine experts. Top 1001 wine to try before you die. Come and taste how a good champagne should be.

The more you know about the champagne’s origins, its character, its value, and its ability to add magic, the greater and more lasting your pleasure.

Experience includes:
  • Learn about Champagne Regions and their history
  • Understand Champagne labels
  • Learn the process of how Champagne is made
  • Learn and taste the 3 most important grape varietals in Champagnes –Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier
  • Blind tasting of 5 Champagnes: 2 Vintage Champagnes + 3 Non Vintage Champagnes +1 Rose Champagne
  • Food to be served: Baguettes, Salamis & Cheese

Date: Thu, 26 April 2018
Time: 7 to 9pm
Price: S$99 per person

To register, please click here.

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