Interview with Restoration Essence’s Founder

It is always refreshing to meet Sara, the founder of Restoration Essence, due to her exuberance and friendly nature. Helming the home-grown brand is no easy feat and Restoration Essence also recently received the award of Singapore Enterprise Top 500 2018 – an award given to Singapore’s top 500 emerging businesses. We speak to Sara to find out more about her wellness business as well as to get to know the woman behind the brand.

restoration essence Sara Tan

Q: Give us a quick rundown on what’s Restoration Essence and what does it aim to do?

As we believe that beauty and health comes from the inside out and not just attention to one aspect, Restoration Essence is birthed from a vision of renewal that is built upon our faith. To bringing wholeness and health through nature’s gifts.

Q: What inspired you to create this brand? What were some of the struggles you faced while establishing it?

My family has been my beauty inspiration ever since I was young, but more so now that I can look back at what I have learned from them over the years. My mum and grandma would always be applying food/herbs based masks on their faces and bodies. They will also be constantly cooking or using certain traditional recipes to heal themselves of ailments.

Restoration Essence’s Pandan Scrub

Q: Right now there are a lot of companies and brands popping up all over the world and even in Singapore itself they are quickly growing, do you think it’s hard for a new brand to start out?

Yep it is hard competition is always stiff especially for a small market in Singapore. It requires focus and resilience to remain in the market. And also the ability to have an open mindset and adapt as things are changing so fast nowadays. Just as I am replying this question, things are already changing. Which could also mean joining a bigger company if that is the fastest solution.

Q: As a female entrepreneur in a time where a lot more attention and opportunities are being given to them, what would you say is the more important thing to have and how has your personal viewpoint defined the way you go about creating Restoration Essence?

I would think it is my ability to take pressure – it is higher than what I had initially thought or imagined. That a human being needs pressure and loads of pushing in order to rise above their situation and get out of their comfort zone.

Q: What’s different about the natural skin-care products from Restoration Essence?

Being a Singapore brand, our niche comes from using seemingly underrated and common local plants/herbs such as Pandan to incorporate it in our products by harnessing on its detox properties.

Serums with various properties

Q: Going into Restoration Essence’s site, we can see that you offer more than just products. Can you tell us more about the way in which you engage with your audience and what Live TV is?

We engage using social media such as Instagram and Facebook; We also use avenues such as live chats, Skype, Whatsapp and live streaming to interact with our audience. Live TV is just one of the platforms we use to engage where customers can interact with us real time.

Q: Lastly, what do you plan to do from now on? What do you see in the future for yourself and Restoration Essence

We are currently in the midst of taking our brand across Asia and planning for retail presence in one of the Asian countries in the next 3 to 5 years. As to what I see for myself in the next few years, I will still be continuing in my quest for natural solutions that truly work in the midst of café hopping ?


We wish Sara and Restoration Essence all the best in her future endeavours! We’re also proud to say that Restoration Essence will also be sold in our Wellness Shop soon. To find out more about their range of natural skincare and wellness products, do visit

Photo credit: Restoration Essence

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