Creating a Non-toxic Environment For Raising a Healthy Child

When babies are born, they are exposed to all kinds of new factors in the environment that they didn’t experience in the womb, like coldness, heat, clothes, chemicals, natural and artificial allergens, and many toxins that can be anywhere. A newborn’s skin is up to 5 times thinner than that of a grown up and their small bodies are much more sensitive and require less negative stimulation to experience discomfort. In order to avoid allergies, respiratory issues, rashes and even suffocation, we need to pay special attention to products we use and create a toxin-free environment for our baby. Here is a list of the most needed non-toxic baby products.

Baby clothes

Baby clothes should be 100% natural cotton, or some other natural material as this is the softest on their extremely sensitive skin. It is best that clothes are made of organic cotton, wool or flux, as well as organic wood for buttons for example rather than plastic which can contain toxins. Also, they should not contain any artificial chemical colours, bleaches or materials. There are many companies nowadays that produce quality organic baby clothes and they can be found online, but tend to be pricey. Sticking with pure cotton will be a good choice.



Baby clothes should be washed and dried separately from the parents’ clothes and other laundry. A green detergent should be used, it needs to be dye-free and perfume-free and not contain toxins commonly found in detergents, for example: phosphates, parabens and SLS. Green detergent won’t leave harmful residue rubbing off on baby’s skin and is also a good choice for cloth diapers. Fabric softeners should be avoided altogether.

Sleeping bags and blankets

The same rules that apply for baby clothes apply for other textiles babies come in touch with, such as towels, bedding, baby blankets, sleeping bags etc. Baby sleeping bags and baby blankets are necessary and they can recreate the soft feeling babies had in the womb, they are calming and soothing, but it is important they are made of the softest 100% knitted cotton waffle. The zip should be placed in the right way so that the baby is comfortable, and there is evidence that correct swaddling may be an important factor in preventing SIDS and suffocation. Again, no bleaches and chemical colours are allowed.

Organic baby bath products

You can use a mild baby soap or shampoo, but it is better if they don’t make bubbles. It is best to choose a mild liquid cleanser, without soap, fragrance or color. Organic products are available nowadays, in all categories, soaps, shampoo, baby cream, lotions, balms and talcum powders. Avoid petroleum-based products at all costs. For example, you can use products such as Bubba Blue baby skincare daily essentials to ensure your baby’s skin will stay moisturised and healthy.


It would be best to use cotton diapers, like the ones that were traditionally used in previous generations. However, if you can’t use these, you should definitely opt for slightly pricier but healthier diapers for your baby. If the diapers are of low quality, baby’s skin cannot breathe and rashes are possible. There is also a danger of your baby inhaling toxins from the low-quality diapers which could cause respiratory issues and even asthma.

Crib and mattress

Beds for babies can be any shape, but it is important they are strong and stable and preferably made of wood. The most important thing, however, is the quality of the mattress, there is evidence that low-quality mattresses contain toxic chemicals, so special care should be taken when choosing a mattress. Since the baby spends most of the time on the mattress, it is worth investing in a good quality non-toxic organic mattress to keep your baby safe.

Baby bottles and pacifiers

You simply can’t do without these products and you should pay attention to the materials they are made of. The best choice will be glass bottles, but if you are choosing plastic, make sure they are BPA free and preferably a made of a natural material, not silicon, even though silicon products tend to look nicer.

Baby shoes

The first baby’s shoes should be made from a good quality material like natural leather so the feet can breathe, they have to be well shaped and firm so that the feet can grow properly.

When picking your baby products, always keep in mind babies are much more sensitive and something that an adult would not mind might cause trouble for a baby. Therefore it is better to buy something organic and natural even if it is more expensive, than something that might cause health problems and cost you more in the long run.

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