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Bouncefit®is a trademark rebounding Fitness workout by Kulture Studios that features a holistic combination of aerobic and anaerobic routines with power-sport elements on a mini trampoline. This complex workout is primarily cardio-centric (think weight loss), but also strengthens your glutes and core – doing wonders to your day to day life! It burns, it works, and is extremely Low impact compared to running and other fitness workouts on hard ground.

Bouncefit®by Kulture promises a fun and vibrant experience that leaves you feeling that you came out of a party after every jump!

The 4 class types:

  1. Cardio Burn (Intensity 1.5 / 4)
  2. Core & Burn (Intensity 2 / 4)
  3. Hyper Burn (Intensity 3 / 4)
  4. Killer Burn (Intensity 4/4)

*Please note that this class is not suitable for participants above 110kg weight, and individuals with prior or existing physical injury should seek a doctor’s consent before participating in our classes.

Important Notes:

  1. Please bring along your own drinking water
  2. Clean covered exercise footwear is required for jump
  3. No shower facilities at the studio, but you can find one at Sportshub Level 3, just 5 mins away from the studio.
  4. Take note of the different intensity levels for different days
MONDAYS7pm – Cardio Conditioning
8.15pm – Killer Burn (Highest Intensity)
TUESDAYS8pm – Cardio Burn
WEDNESDAYS7pm – Cardio Burn
FRIDAYS8pm – Cardio Burn
SATURDAYS11am – Cardio Burn
SATURDAYS4pm – Hyper Burn (Moderate – High Intensity)
Experience includes:
  • 10 minutes on the trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes of running
  • Burns MORE fats FASTER especially for lower half of your body
  • Protects your joints by absorbing as much as 80% of the shock as you land
  • Proven to be 3 times more effective than jogging
  • Burns up to 800 calories with 50mins of jump
  • Improves motor coordination as you strengthen 400 muscles

Price: S$28 per person
Venue: Kulture Studios, Stadium Place, Singapore 397638 (exact address will be provided after registration)

To register, please click here.

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