Does Your Skin Need Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is often thought of as the vitamin to cure the common cold. But little do people know that the humble Vitamin C helps prevent wrinkles! It is a powerful antioxidant that helps in the synthesis of collagen, which helps to give our skin strength and, most importantly, elasticity. Thus, skin looks firmer, smoother and with vitamin C, skin is also better able to renew and repair. Here are our top beauty picks that contain vitamin C to help improve your skin!

For the body

Most people tend to forget about the body and focus mainly on the face, which is why we decided to start with the body first. Using products that contain citrus fruits such as Molton Brown’s Orange & Bergamot Body Wash ensures that there are traces of Vitamin C inside. Naturally, it is not in high doses compared to serums but every little bit counts. Besides…this smells amazing!

For the face

This is where we are spoilt for choice. We pick out our top 3 choices based on affordability as well as efficacy. Korean beauty companies are reaching out into other citrus fruits as their source of vitamin C and Yuja Water serum is one such product. It smells more tart than oranges but sweeter than lemons for sure. This is quite an affordable serum to apply daily before your usual moisturiser.

This Sparkling Water is not meant for drinking, despite the name. This is great for quenching your skin’s thirst throughout the day. Think of it as a top up in the middle of the day where you need a quick spritz to perk you up while also ensuring that your skin remains moist.

Dr Brandt’s products are a little pricier compared to the above Korean products but what we liked about this is that it is really a lot more intense. This is great for women in their 30s and above to combat the signs of aging. Use it as a serum before your moisturiser to see the best effects!

Besides all of these skin products, we also firmly believe that you are what you eat. Thus, besides loading up on vitamin C on your skin, do remember to eat vitamin C through your fruits and vegetables!

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2 thoughts on “Does Your Skin Need Vitamin C?

  • Great blog! I just started using the TIAM My Signature C Source. It has original pure vitamin C 20%. I use it every night before I go to bed. I notice the changes of my skin, it made me glow and reduce my dark spots, acne scars. I haven’t tried vit c product for the body, I will try the body wash you mentioned. Thank you!


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