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Food lovers now have another great reason to visit Singapore’s eastside as IZA officially open its doors in hip and charming Siglap. Dubbed ‘Your local Izakaya bar’, IZA nestles among a cosy row of Siglap shophouses and offers a casual, unpretentious yet edgy Japanese styled bar and restaurant serving affordable kushiyaki fare and drinks amidst a homey, yet modern ambience.

Four-Ton Chawanmushi, Otah Tamago, Spicy Tako and Char Siew Sticky Pork Rib_02.jpg

Open daily from 6pm till 1am, IZA provides a relaxed and laid-back setting against a backdrop of concrete floors and walls, exposed light bulbs and wood finishes. Designed with plenty of group seating perfect for families and communal dining, patrons can let their hair down, bond and celebrate the day over drinks and an amazingly wallet-friendly food menu – very much in sync with what an izakaya is supposed to be like in Japan.

In collaboration with popular The Skewer Bar (TSB), which first opened an outlet in Geylang, IZA boasts an extended menu where foodies can look forward to a good mix of traditional kushiyaki skewers alongside creations that marry Japanese-inspired classics with local flavours.

Four Ton Chawanmushi_01.jpgThe Four-Ton Chawanmushi

New and innovative creations to look out for include the Four-Ton Chawanmushi which integrates a blend of century egg, salted egg, quail egg and the traditional chicken egg into an indulgent, steamed four-egg delight; fresh Whole Seabass with Home-made Chilli oven-baked to perfection and is a healthier option compared to the usual fried bar fare; as well as Otah Tamago which combines Japanese-rolled omelette with fragrant Otah. The three have already proven to be crowd favourites in the short few weeks since IZA first opened its doors, selling out quickly each night. Other signature must-try dishes include the Hae Bee Hiam Pasta and Special Yaki Onigiri (rice balls) – both home-made with local condiment, hae bee hiam, which we at The Wellness Insider loved!

What izakaya would it be without an array of well-marinated, grilled yakitori (chicken), yakiton (pork) meat skewers; fresh seafood ranging from grilled prawn, shishamo, unagi and scallops; to vegetables like shiitake mushrooms, okra (a.k.a. lady’s finger), leek and broccoli. Other TSB classics such as the TSB Salad, Oysters (served fresh or grilled), Stuffed Taupok Special, and Grilled Eggplant in miso or home-made chilli, also return to satisfy taste buds. We highly recommend the oysters which were fat, juicy and definitely very fresh.

Those with a more liquid disposition can look forward to IZA’s selection of Japanese craft beers; Dassai, Tengumai and Fudoh sakes; Japanese whiskies and gin. Their Gin & Tonic has a bit of a special twist as IZA adds in a few slices of ginger into the mix, effectively neutralising any possible grassy, bitter taste from either the gin or the tonic. Remember to also ask the staff to help you pair your food with the drinks!

Grilled Oyster on grill.JPG

IZA will also be launching its Christmas menu, [email protected], ahead of the yuletide season which will see customers enjoy a curated selection of festive goodies and merry treats including baked succulent roasts, and grilled delights. Merry makers can choose from platter servings suitable for groups of four, eight, or 12. [email protected] begins from 11th December 2017.

Overall, if you’re in the neighbourhood, IZA might just be the izakaya that you would like to visit and chillax with some friends because good food and good company is never a wrong combination!

695 East Coast Road, Singapore 459059

For reservations or enquiries:
Tel: 6385 2883
Faceboook/ Instagram

Photo credits: IZA

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