Spreading Body Confidence Through Pageantry

There is a lot of flak against beauty pageants, with most detractors stating that it promotes superficial standards of beauty…but what if the pageant was for plus sized women? That is something that the delegates of Miss & Mrs Top of the World Plus Size answered in heartfelt speeches in last night’s personal profile interview segment.

spreading body confidenceThe delegates at Paulaner Writhaus, Clarke Quay, where the event was held

Held at the Paulaner Writhaus, Clarke Quay, the ladies were dressed in their evening finest – tiaras and all. Each contestant was introduced with an accompanying video about themselves as well as the country or countries they represent.

With each delegate sharing their story, it became very clear that all of them faced the same experience of being teased or bullied since young simply because of their size. Thus, them being part of Miss & Mrs Top of the World Plus Size is an important milestone in their lives because it meant so much more than merely being crowned a beauty queen.

A visibly emotional Miss Latvia during her speech

Many of the ladies were very emotional during their speeches as they shared how they wanted to be role models for women in their home countries and show that being plus sized does not mean that they cannot be successful, happy or even be in a loving relationship! It was shocking to the audience when Miss Ukraine pointed out her assistant (about a UK size 6 or 8) and shared that men back in Ukraine consider that to be plus sized. Thus, her being a model as well as being in this pageant was to help “revolutionise” the thinking of men in Ukraine and to spread body confidence amongst women back home. This same message was reiterated by Miss Philippines and Miss Thailand who shared similar experiences of being bullied from young and discriminated against simply due to their size.

Being body confident is not merely about size as Miss Surinam pointed out. She decided to be a role model for girls after an encounter with a student who reminded herself of when she used to be young but with one difference – the lack of body confidence. Thus, winning the title of Miss & Mrs Top of the World Surinam proves that she can be beautiful and happy just the way she is.

There definitely was a sense of camaraderie between all the ladies as everyone was very supportive of each other and one almost forgot that this pageant is still a competition! Perhaps that is what sets this particular pageant apart from others – it really is about spreading body confidence rather than promoting superficial beauty since it does not conform to society’s standards.

That is why The Wellness Insider is proud to be the official media partner of Miss & Mrs Top of the World Plus Size 2017 and we hope to catch you at the Grand Finals tonight! Complimentary tickets can still be redeemed here. If you’re not in Singapore, do join in our ‘live’ broadcast either on Facebook or Bigo.

Photo credits: miss:fi:t and Miss Top of the World Plus Size


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