Showcasing the Miss Top of the World Plus Size Talents

It’s the second day of arrivals for the contestants of Miss Top of the World Plus Size 2017 and the 15 delegates had half a day of rehearsals for the Grand Finals on Sunday before they were treated to a Peranakan Laksa lunch at Katong.

Miss Kyrgyzstan and Miss Israel enjoying their bowls of laksa

Miss Surinam, Miss Philippines and Miss Singapore enjoying the local treat together with otah-otah 

It was a treat for the foreign delegates as they were intrigued by both the local Peranakan dish while also soaking in the refurbished shophouses. The ladies were free to sight see and learn more about the Peranakan culture before getting ready for the talent showcase in the evening.

talentSome of the Miss Top of the World Plus Size ladies in their national costumes

Held at Skyline, the talent show was really top of the world as the roof top bar gave the perfect panoramic city view of Singapore. The ladies were dressed in the finest versions of their national costumes with some even fitted with lights that most certainly added to the pizazz when the sun set and night ensued.

Guests started streaming in throughout the evening and these ladies showed that they’re not merely pretty faces but are strong, confident women who possess many skills and talents! Some sang and played musical instruments, while others danced traditional dances and you can tell from the grace that they’ve been training in these dances for many years. Interestingly, some of the ladies showcased other talents such as hair braiding, calligraphy and food art!

Miss Thailand showing her Muay Thai moves 

Miss Thailand showed that being plus sized does not mean that you can’t be athletic as she showed off her Muay Thai moves. Definitely not a women you’d want to mess with or attack for sure!

The evening ended on a high as guests could go up to the delegates and take photos with their favourite contestants as well as wish them luck for the Grand Finals happening this Sunday.

Entry to the Grand Finals is complimentary and you can redeem your tickets here. If you’re not in Singapore, do follow us on Facebook or Bigo to watch the ‘live’ broadcast of the Profile Interview on Saturday and Grand Finals on Sunday.

Photo credits: miss:fi:t and Miss Top of the World Plus Size

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