Rocking Plus Size Swim Wear

Swim wear has often been that piece of clothing which women often have body confidence issues with because it doesn’t allow you to cover up much of your flaws (although nobody is perfect) and one often feels judged. However, the ladies from this year’s Miss Top of the World Plus Size shows us that you can be plus sized but still rock them swimsuits in their swim wear photoshoot.

swim wear

The delegates were unafraid to show off their curves in the black and white themed photoshoot. In fact, one learnt that besides self confidence, even choice of swim wear and accessories do help to boost an outfit and help you hide certain areas that you may be a little less happy about.

Another thing that we also learnt is that angles and good lighting are still the secrets to making models look picture perfect but even if there are any imperfections, who cares as long as you feel great about yourself?

We wish all the ladies the best of luck during the Grand Finals and do remember to redeem your complimentary passes here. If you’re not in Singapore, do catch our ‘live’ broadcast via our Facebook page or Bigo.

Photo credits: miss:fit:t and Miss Top of the World 

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