Project #MakeShoppingMeaningful

We are delighted to announce that we are part of a wonderful initiative called Project #MakeShoppingMeaningful, which will launch on 2 December 2017.

Project #MakeShoppingMeaningful is a movement that is focused on engaging more Singaporeans to support and take part in social causes, and is started by Euforia Singapore. They are a social enterprise that runs an online marketplace, where half of the sales commission received for each sale is donated to their Beneficiary Partners – Animal Lovers League and Down Syndrome Association (Singapore). We also partner them to run The Wellness Store.

shoppingDuring the Packing Event where celebrity Paul Foster also took the time to help out

In conjunction with the launch of Project #MakeShoppingMeaningful, a Pre-Loved Apparel Charity Sale will be held. In support of this movement, a number of celebrities, social media influencers, and retailers have kindly donated a collection of new and pre-loved apparel for sale.

All sales proceeds collected from this charity sale will be donated to Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) and Animal Lovers League.

To learn more about Project #MakeShoppingMeaningful and get updated on the Pre-Loved Apparel Charity Sale, click the ‘Like’ button on Facebook. Help us share this post with your friends as well to get their support for this meaningful initiative.

Photo credits: Euforia Singapore


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