The Heroic Results of Metta Charity Run

The 8th Metta Charity Run brought people together through the power of superheroes (costumes at least). The event took place at the OCBC Square and brought families together for a 10 km and 5 km run, all for the sake of raising awareness and funds towards supporting those with disability. The Metta Charity Run was a huge success, raising over S$100,000 from supporters, donors and their 1,200 runners who all went to support their charity and going way over their target of S$15,000.

Metta Charity also featured many guests of honour such as Mr Seah Kian Peng, Member of Parliament of Marine Parade GRC, Chairperson of Social and Family Development, as well as Ms Jessica Tan Soon Neo, Member of Parliament of East Coast GRC. Other notable supporters were the Singapore Pools and Tote Board, Simei Grassroots Organisation and Component Technology among others.

Runners got to dress as their favourite superhero characters but it wasn’t just the run that Metta offered. Participants also enjoyed an array of carnival games and activity as well as snacks. Amongst these activities were the photobooth capture moment where people could take pictures of the events, Henna hand painting and a creative balloon decoration corner for the kids.

To cap it off, guests were also treated to stunning performances from Pudgy Busker and Metta School’s Stomp Warriors, who delighted the crowd with a percussion performance and Wushu Display. Food and drinks weren’t missed either, as many food stalls and trucks were set up along with a free flow of beverages.

metta charity run

And so, Metta’s 8th run came to an end and a huge success, with all of it going towards medical care and special education for Metta’s educational programs. We’re glad that Metta’s Charity Run worked perfectly and hoped that, with time; they could raise even more awareness for their charities and help improve the world.

If you missed Metta’s Charity Run this year or were there as a bystander then you should definitely give it a go. It’s not only a great way to stay fit, you also get the rewarding feeling of having helped out a good cause, you might even get a chance to dress as your favorite superhero!

Photo Credits: Singapore Runners, Metta

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