Fitness Boot Camp in the Park

Trying to kick start your fitness journey? Come and join us every Saturday for our fitness boot camp! This is a fantastic way to start losing fats and improve your overall fitness while having fun with fellow exercise buddies.

Rapid-fire sequences of movements are designed to get you into shape while working out in a boot camp style. With its high energy exercises, it is guaranteed to target most of your muscle groups and also to burn excessive calories. For best results see the experts at Vie Fitness & Spa.

This boot camp will build up each week while still structured so that both beginners and advanced participants are able to develop strength and improve range of motion while adding to any other exercise regime you may have.

fitness bootcamp

Meeting point: The grass patch facing Swan Lake at the sign that reads “Main Gate Road”. Nearest entrance is at the main gate next to Gleneagles Hospital. From there, walk straight in on the concrete pavement and past the pavilion.
Please bring your own water and towel.

Other equipment will be provided.

Price: S$15 per person per session; S$60 per person for 4 lessons (valid for use within 2 calendar months)
Dates: Every Saturday, 8.30 to 9.30 am

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