Ignite Your Life with SoulFit’s New Workshop

We’ve all felt insecure about ourselves or wonder about our purpose in life at some point. It’s normal especially when you go out into the world and try hard to carve out your own path. If you want to be able to reclaim purpose in your life or figure out which path you should take, then there’s no better time than now. SoulFit’s new Ignite Your Life Workshop aims to help you and give you exactly what you need.

This new workshop will help you find clarity and peace of mind and recover your confidence, all with the help of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), neuroscience and psychology tools and techniques.

Participants will also receive tips on:

  • How to get Clarity of your life purpose to give you direction and focus
  • Strategies and practical exercises to bolster resilience and nurture a growth mindset
  • How you can change your emotional state and create a healthy experience of life
  • Steps to create the life you truly want by taking the right actions
  • 18 Hours of Training and Group Coaching

You’ll also be surrounded by twenty other people who understand and are in the same situation, so you don’t have to be shy and worry about fitting in.


Dates: Sat 1st – Sun 2nd, July 2017

Time: 9:30 am-17:30 pm

Workshop Fees:

Early Bird: $788

Standard: $1,288

You can also book the Early Bird special ticket, which comes with a big discount as you can see but make sure to do it before they run out!

If you still want to go but don’t have the money then don’t worry, you can participate in this promotion and win a spot in the workshop for free! and if you don’t think you’d be able to make it you can also give your spot to someone else.

Feel free to check out SoulFit’s and Ignite Your Life’s page for more information on the workshop.

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