Dove Showcases #RealBeauty with their New Body Wash Bottles

Dove has done it again with their latest body positive campaign! They have managed to come up with this brilliant marketing campaign that not only shows how we all come in many shapes and sizes, but we are all the same too. Helmed by Ogilvy London, Dove came up with bottles of their body wash in different shapes and sizes even though they all have the same content.

The bottles are meant to represent the fact that even though women come in all shapes and sizes, they’re all unique and should be treated equally, just like the bottles all have different ways but accomplish the same purpose.

As you can see from the jazzy number, Dove aims to make sure that people understand that beauty comes in all forms and should be celebrated as such. These limited edition bottles are quite refreshing to see on the shelves and really drives home the message to consumers in a tangible manner.

Nevertheless, while the commercial appears to be doing well, a lot of people on Twitter have instead taken to criticising and making fun of the bottles, with some people noting that they aren’t representative of all body types and others just mocking it for no reason.

It’s the Internet so this isn’t surprising, but it does make you think about whether people are receptive towards attempts at increasing body positivity. It’s certainly a more brazen attempt since we are just speaking about bottles, but you can also make a case about how the things that surround us also influence the way we see the world.

Either way, you still can’t knock Dove for trying to spread the message, but it’s not surprising considering they had already done this with Image_Hack last month. Still, regardless of people’s reactions, the attempt should still be appreciated because for a beauty company, Dove is really going above and beyond by celebrating all kinds of beauty instead of sticking to stereotypes. After all, the world is diverse and that’s what makes us all unique individuals who should be celebrated daily.

Photo Credits: AdWeek

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