Best Healthy Lunch Deliveries in Singapore

Quite a lot of us have the excuse that we don’t eat healthy because we’re either too busy to prepare our meals or it is hard to do so when you’re working as there are no healthy food options around your office. Well, we hear you and we’re here to squelch those excuses as we introduce to you some options of healthy food that can be delivered to your doorstep. Healthy lunch 1 Excuses 0.

Over 2 weeks, we reviewed food from 4 healthy lunch deliveries and we judged them on Taste, Appearance and Experience (ease of ordering etc). Read on as we give our reviews (and casual awards) to Grain, Dosirak, FitThree and YOLO Food.

Best online luxe food delivery – Grain

Pan-seared Norwegian Salmon

Their website is very user-friendly and the food definitely takes centrestage. They have weekly specials chosen by their chef, and for the week that we did our tasting, it was Roasted Lamb. What makes eating healthy for the whole week easier is that their website allows you to plan your meal ahead, which really works for people with a very busy schedule. What else was more impressive is that the whole start to finish user experience was really thoughtful – you get an alert as to when your food was about to arrive; after your meal, you get an email asking you for feedback which only goes to show how much they value your opinion and their willingness to improve. Something noteworthy is that the containers used are all environmentally friendly, with exception to the plastic covers.

Melissa’s ReviewMatthew’s Review
Day 1Chose:

  • Weekly Special of Roasted Lamb Leg
  • Earl Grey Pear Tart

The lamb was really tender and the sauce had a mild curry flavour to it, all on a bed of super creamy mash and some roasted carrots. It was so lush that it’ll fool you into think that it is not healthy. The quality is restaurant standard, so it is quite a bargain at S$14.95. At 600 calories (yes, it’s all labeled), it was not a light meal per se and I probably should’ve held off on the dessert. Nonetheless, it only contains 27g of fat, 56g of protein and 69g of carbs! My main complaints were that the lamb still had a bit of sinew to it and was difficult to eat with only a fork and spoon. Knife please. Secondly, I wished there were more greens as the fibre from carrots was not enough in my opinion.

The Earl Grey Pear Tart was ok. Maybe they should take away the ‘Earl Grey’ part because I couldn’t taste the distinct bergamot flavour which makes up earl grey.

Meal satisfaction = 8.5/10


  • Grilled Tiger Prawns with
    dry curried Fusilli

The prawns were really flavourful and fresh, which is always a plus point for seafood. The cherry tomatoes were caramelised (smart choice) and added a light sweetness to the whole dish. There was also mushy black beans in the foray which added a nice contrast of texture that made it a pleasant experience eating the dish, with crunchy tiger prawns and fusilli cooked al dente. The best part was how they got the portion made just right for the Asian stomach. I didn’t feel bloated or left hungry after consuming the entire serving.

Meal satisfaction = 7/10

Day 2Chose:

  • Honey Soy Tempeh
  • Grilled Farm Fresh Chicken
  • Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart

I love tempeh and Grain’s version is amazingly good with the honey soy sauce. It’s super low in calories, high in fibre and great to share, which I did. The honey soy sauce had this incredible smokey flavour which added more depth to the grilled tempeh. Highly recommended!

Ok…the chef who is in charge of the grill is a master! The grill on the chicken was on point! Excellent char with slight smokey flavour and when you pair that with steamed vegetables, it was simple but delicious. Love the Asian twist by using black rice as the staple and it added a slight creaminess to the whole dish. Wished there was more pesto sauce though.

You will not want to share the chocolate tart. ‘Nuff said.

Meal satisfaction = 9.5/10 (0.5 more points if there was more pesto sauce)


  • Pan-seared Norwegian Salmon

This is great for days when you have late lunches. Mind you, this dish is served cold and ready to eat whenever.

The salmon was not overcooked, which meant that it was not tough and the pan-seared Western style left the inner meat soft like sashimi, which felt like it was a fusion dish. Personally I prefer having my salmon done this way, with a nice milky aesthetic and bite with a melted texture like sashimi at its core.

The vinaigrette enhanced the overall flavour since most of the dish was vegetables. This is my favourite dish out of all the meals tried throughout the 2 weeks.

I did initially order a tempeh to match my salmon but it was finished before my order. Nonetheless, I’m glad the salmon more than compensated for my satisfaction.

Meal satisfaction = 9.5/10

Day 3Chose:

  • Char-grilled Zucchini and Couscous bowl
  • Grilled Piri-piri Chicken (side)
  • Coconut milkshake (there’s no milk)

Once again, kudos to the grill master. The grilled chicken was so good, I was tempted to toss it into the couscous.

I am a bit ambivalent with regards to the Char-grilled Zucchini and Couscous. It tasted great on the whole as I love mozzarella balls, the amount of zucchini made me happy (what…I like my veg!) and I liked the bits of olive and cherry tomatoes. However, the whole dish was really dry and that’s where the coconut drink came in handy. Also, they decided not to compromise on presentation, resulting in very large halves of the zucchini which you couldn’t eat in one bite and had less grilled flavour compared to the smaller slices.

Not particularly fond of the coconut milkshake which was essentially blitzed coconut flesh in coconut water. Cool shade of pink though.

Meal satisfaction = 8/10 (saved by the Piri-piri chicken)


  • Roasted Lamb Leg
  • Honey Soy Tempeh
  • Earl Grey Pear Tart

The Roasted Lamb leg had a strong flavour and they were pretty generous with the portion. The ingredients’ natural flavours were highlighted and accompanied well with their chunky mashed potatoes. I liked that their mash wasn’t totally smooth as it added texture while eating.

It was a happy experience eating the tempeh. The dish was literally sweet and savoury at the same time.

The tart was not as fantastic as I had hoped it to be. Tasted a little more like a breakfast pastry than a dessert.

Meal satisfaction = 8/10

Overall Score8.5/10

Restaurant quality at café prices with convenience. Vegan option only on demand. I’m still not too convinced that it’s the healthiest choice as I reckon that there should be more green vegetables in most of the dishes.


+1 for the sustainable boxes sans plastic labels. They have a very diverse but yet familiar menu selection. I find them to be the most well rounded healthy food delivery with exceptional quality and great customer service.

Head on over to to view their full menu and do use the promo code RF36812 to get S$5 off your first order!

Most fun meal experience – Do.Si.Rak

Beef Bulgogi

Dosirak literally means ‘lunch box’ in Korean so you know that they know that you want your lunch quick but healthy. The packaging is entertaining with Korean motifs and it’s handy and reusable if you choose to keep it for future use. Needless to say, their menu is Korean-inspired and you get to choose from their menu that ranges from beef, fish and vegetarian options. Each meal is under 500 kcal unless you decide to top up more protein or carbohydrates. They even have the HPB’s “Healthier Choice” stamp of approval! Starts from S$7.90.

Melissa’s ReviewMatthew’s Review
Day 1

Beef Bulgogi with White Rice

The beef was really tender and I had fun pouring the sauce in and shaking the whole tub up! I loved the fact that there was A LOT of vegetables, including my favourite ‘big head’ bean sprouts.


There was a familiar sesame aroma and the beef was moist. The layering of meat, salad and rice makes you eat complex carbohydrates last if you choose not to mix it up.


Spicy Chicken with Brown RiceDidn’t add a lot of sauce to this because the chicken was already spicy. The brown rice was very fragrant!

Meal satisfaction = 8/10

The Spicy Chicken was mostly, well, spicy. I felt that it was less flavourful than the beef.

Meal satisfaction = 7/10

Day 2

Salmon Soba Noodles


I liked the raw salmon with the soba but because soba doesn’t absorb that much sauce compared to rice, the flavour of the sauce was overpowering. It got a little too spicy after a couple of mouthfuls. I would’ve actually changed the sauce from the typical Korean one to perhaps a Japanese sesame ponzu version.The Salmon with Soba Noodles reminded me of sushi in a takeaway box. I was a tad disappointed with this because of its resemblance to a tamago sushi but had contrasting flavour, although the salmon did go well with the natural sweetness from the vegetables.
 Avocado Cauliflower ‘rice’This is the vegetarian option and I must say that I love the ‘rice’! Also, there was Japanese sweet potato in the dish, which I was feeling slightly dubious about because I didn’t think it would go with the avocado and the sauce. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it did go very well! In fact, it lessened the saltiness of the sauce and gave the dish small bursts of flavour that wasn’t just sauce.

Meal satisfaction = 7.5/10 (let down mainly because of the Salmon Soba)

Much preferred the Avocado Sweet Potato with Cauliflower Rice compared to the salmon. The natural sweetness of the ingredients were a good start, with the avocado matching well with the sweet potatoes and mushrooms. All went really well with the spicy sauce while the cauliflower ‘rice’ gave the whole dish a fresh flavour.

Meal satisfaction = 9/10 (I really liked the cauliflower rice and sweet potato combination)

Day 3

Soy Chicken with White Rice

Tasted the chicken first and the soy taste wasn’t very strong. Needless to say, there was no more soy taste after adding the Korean chilli sauce. This is the safest option if you don’t like raw fish or beef.

Meal satisfaction = 6/10

There was a very strong garlic flavour. In my opinion, this was rather generic and average compared to other dishes. The chicken cubes were quite lean and I liked the moist lotus root bits which added texture to the meal. I was spoiled by the soy chicken recipes from other franchises (albeit not the healthy kind) For a healthy option, I surely wasn’t expecting the overwhelming garlic.

Meal satisfaction = 5/10

Overall Score7/10 

Fun to eat once in a while but would be great if they had more sauce options.


Besides their handy food packaging and well layered delivery, they’re pretty much alright. It is good as a traditional healthy option.

Flavour is decent and it’s good as a quick “to-go” healthy meal.

If you’re in the Raffles Place/ Chinatown area then you can order from their store at China Square Central (18 Cross Street) and enjoy their promotion of “Buy 4 for the price of 3” . Otherwise, get them to deliver through Do note that Foodpanda’s delivery charges and minimum order applies, which is why it would be a good idea to get your gym buddy or lunch kaki to join you to Shake It Up.

Most no-brainer meals for the gym rat or health conscious – FitThree

Yakitori Chicken Meat Balls with Asian Vegetables Medley (low carb menu)

If you have specific fitness or health goals in mind and you don’t really want to think about your meals, FitThree definitely helps you plan out your meals while you just concentrate on your exercise. They made it even easier by allowing you to pick your meals up from several gyms located all over the island. This means that you can hit the gym and then have your lunch after that. They deliver the meals cold and you simply warm them up in the microwave. That truly is guilt-free fast food at only S$12.90 per dietician-approved meal. They run it subscription-style and the menu changes every week.

However, their communication was not so great as we had asked for a 3-day meal plan to review but only received 1. Moreover, both of us received different amounts of food. Thus, we were not able to effectively sample their menu.

Melissa’s ReviewMatthew’s Review
Lunch: Yakitori Chicken Meat Balls with Asian Vegetables Medley (low carb menu)

The amount of stir-fried vegetables sang to me and made me happy even before I ate a bite. When I did bite into it, it was a tad peppery but mellowed out after chomping into the meatballs. Oh…the meatballs. They were so good that two of them were ‘stolen’ by my mother whom I was sitting next to.

Dinner: Thai Basil Meatballs with Asian Style Zucchini and Coconut Brown Rice (omnitarian menu)

These beef balls were really really good. Even after being microwaved. There was no sauce but the whole dish was surprisingly moist. The coconut brown rice was really fragrant but not cloyingly rich, unlike nasi lemak. I wasn’t too impressed with the zucchini which were sliced and soaked in vinegar and ginger.

Meal satisfaction = 8.5/10 (best meatballs EVER!)

Lunch: Sesame Chicken Brown Rice and Mixed Vegetables (omnitarian menu)

This is a no frills meal. Simple seasoning that tasted familiar and great, brown rice and toss in frozen peas, carrots and corn. It works well as a fundamental post-workout meal for the busy fitness junkie.

Dinner: Thai Basil Meatballs with Asian Style Zucchini and Coconut Brown Rice (omnitarian menu)

The meatballs did taste addictive and I was popping them into my mouth enjoyably. The aesthetics were a little plain but the flavour more than make up for it. The coconut flavour was rather strong and I hold mixed feelings about it.

Meal satisfaction = 7.5/10

If you’re on a controlled diet with strict caloric count, then FitThree might be the choice meal for you. They don’t do home or office deliveries unless you’re nearby (do check), so they clearly know their target audience. To peruse their menu, do visit Readers get 30% off their first orders when using the code TWIMAY.

Almost like home cooked food…with a zing – YOLO Food

Miso Salmon with Kailan and Broccoli on Quinoa

Our good friend, Luke Tan, has worked with YOLO Foods to come up with some vegan options that are still nutritionally holistic. That is why we knew that YOLO would definitely deliver on taste and health benefits too. They’ve got a good selection of Asian dishes with the most healthy ingredients in our opinion.

Melissa’s ReviewMatthew’s Review
Day 1

Miso Salmon Quinoa

There’s a certain unfair expectation when I saw all my favourite ingredients in a box. Not to mention that I have cooked cod and salmon in miso before. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised that the salmon was not too salty (what miso did they use?) and the sesame coating added a nice sorta bite to it all. Brought out the nutty flavour of the quinoa too. Loved the generous portion of vegetables although they were not that flavourful. Wished there was more salmon though. I was left with quite a lot of quinoa after devouring the salmon and veggies.

Meal satisfaction = 8.5/10

It is savoury and the sesame coating didn’t give it an overwhelming flavour, which made me very impressed as most food franchises use sesame as a disguising seasoning. The kailan and broccoli were a good addition to make it a balanced meal. On a side note, they were using my favourite ingredients too and definitely not adapting Melissa’s review content.

Meal satisfaction = 9.5/10

Day 2

Coconut Chicken with Brown Rice and Vegetables

With studies showing that coconut is really not bad for you plus the medium-chained triglycerides found in coconut oil being good for you, it comes to no surprise that coconut is now the ‘in’ ingredient for a lot of health foods.

Similar to the coconut rice from FitThree, YOLO’s Coconut Chicken wasn’t creamy nor did it taste like nasi lemak. It was lightly fragrant, which means that there’s probably a mixture of both coconut milk and coconut water to cook the chicken in. As a result, the dish was subtle in terms of flavour and after a few mouthfuls, became a bit boring despite the zesty lime juice. The lightly stir-fried vegetables with sweet potatoes did not help in adding more dimensions to the dish either. Thank goodness for the cashew nuts to bring this Thai-inspired meal together but alas, not enough cashew nuts.

Was filling though and lasted for more than 4 hours till dinner without any snacking involved.

Meal satisfaction = 6/10

I have to apologise that I was unable to review this dish as I was busy and did not put the dish in the fridge in time before it turned bad.


Meal satisfaction = NA

Day 3

I had a nice surprise with Meatball pasta with eggplant and cherry tomatoes!

I spy my little eye on enoki mushrooms and some other vegetables hidden within the meatballs. Clever! The pasta was al dente, which earned YOLO Food solid brownie points because it is not easy to deliver pasta without it becoming soggy. The meatballs were pretty decent and were a very close fight with FitThree’s but I preferred the latter’s. Very satisfying and the portion was perfect. Add in some grilled courgette and I’ll be extra happy with this dish!

Meal satisfaction = 8.5/10

Received the gluten-free and vegan option of Peranakan Vegetable Curry with Brown Rice. I remembered to keep it refrigerated this time round and microwaved it later to eat.

The portion was adequate and it was fragrant when I opened the package. The curry is the signature of my experience of reviewing YOLO Food. It felt so much like home and the tangy taste of the vegetables inside made it so much more. They definitely stayed true to the Peranakan flavour. Needless to say, there are plenty of personal attachments to this dish.

The brown rice gave great contrast to the soft vegetables as it had a bit of husk. I have to say it made my day after missing out on the coconut chicken and a hectic day. They definitely spent time considering other factors of the eating experience besides taste.

Meal satisfaction = 10/10

Overall Score8/10

I felt that YOLO Food treated every ingredient with thought on how to not compromise on flavour but yet not over or undercook them so that they’re nutritionally good. Also loved their seemingly nonchalance in packaging and presentation but if you’ve ever done food prep or events, you’ll know that Yolo does care about its food.


Quite like their functional packaging while it would be a plus if they have a sustainable initiative included. They definitely deliver on flavour using the natural taste of the ingredients which is quite impressive.  Their presentation seems a little plain.

YOLO Food offers bespoke weekly meal plans that suits your needs and goals, starting from S$99. Otherwise, you can also opt just for their normal menu items which begin from S$10.90 or even build your own meal at S$12.90. Our readers will also get a free coffee or tea when you mention “Wellness Insider” during your purchase in-store!

If you’re in the Tanjong Pagar area then you can order from their store at ICON Village (12 Gopeng Street). Otherwise, get them delivered through Uber Eats. Do note that Uber Eats’ delivery charges and minimum order applies so you might want to buddy-up or perhaps order both lunch and dinner at the same time. Just remember to refrigerate if the items are served warm. Use the code eats-ubermelfann to get S$10 off your first order on Uber Eats.


If you would like your company’s products to be reviewed and featured on The Wellness Insider, please drop us an email at [email protected].

Photo credits: Melissa Fann, Matthew Yeo, Dosirak and YOLO Food.

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