Styling Inspired by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

The Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2017 collection was released in stores last month and our Wellness Insider team just had to be on the guest list! The styling was done at the Marc Jacobs’ popup store at The Paragon in Orchard Road as this SS’17 collection sees a lot of colours, especially in patchwork and we wanted the low-down on how to effectively work in these pops of colour into our wardrobe without looking like the colour palette exploded on us.

Indulging in bubbly while browsing the colourful selections of accessories and wallets

The Spring/Summer collection is all about fun and beauty (with lots of accessorising). Bags and pouches characterised by vibrant colours and refreshing motifs are just some of the many new rejuvenating things to fill your wardrobe from the latest Collection. Of course, the apparels to complement all your accessories have not been neglected. Marc Jacobs has released a series of comfortable light-coloured casual wear to help you match your accessories for the Singapore streets. It is all about being able to walk the streets with confidence and have fun about it. Marc Jacobs has also chanced on the rising popularity of patchwork. Here are some highlights from the styling session.

Floral patterns are everywhere

Demin and patchwork embroidery are making a comeback

Take a colourful skirt and keep the top simple with a white T-shirt and then throw a denim jacket over for air-conditioned areas (left). Keep your shoes a simple matching colour too. Then choose a bag with the same tones as your skirt to bring out the colours without overdoing it. This website will provide you with more updates on this issue.

Keeping the palette refreshing with a rainbow striped dress to accessorise with a rainbow camera bag for your spring memories. You can also style this with light-coloured sneakers. The jeans are optional(right).

Julie Verhoeven, British illustrator and designer, has also collaborated again with Marc Jacobs to design a series of illustrations embroidered unto apparels, bags and also mobile phone cases.

(Frog) illustrated accessories designed by Julie Verhoeven

So, how can you make MJ’s Spring collection work for your wardrobe? Here are some suggestions to work in the spring collection with your wardrobe.

1.  Keep it casual and comfortable

Denim is the answer to any styling. Especially when paired with bright tees. Works well in tropical Singapore!

Denim shorts with a pastel (pink) tee and white/light-coloured sneakers for a refreshing strut and accessorise with a bag with the same colours to tie it all in.

2.  Keep it cool

Oversized tops and cargo pants makes it comfortable and well ventilated for the sweltering tropical humidity. That nonchalant, stylishly sloppy look is now in trend, which also explains this look.

As a more ‘girly’ alternative, you can try wearing a full denim dress that will also go well with your sneakers. Remember to accessorise with pops of colour through your bag and jewellery.

Esprit Dresses Demin Midi (Blue medium wash) S$99.95

The Vickky Jersey sneakers come in 2 tones of demin-like shades so it doesn’t overwhelm your outfit of the day. You can also attempt a bolder styling with the Carson Runner Prism running shoes, which retains last Spring’s psychedelic (nostalgia) feels with the prism print and mesh overlay so that you still get that pop of colour without being OTT.

Puma Vickky Jersey Softfoam Womens Sneakers US$34.99

Periscope-Puma White (left), Peacoat-Peacoat (right)

Carson Runners Prism Women’s running shoes US$49.99

Puma Black-Puma Silver (left), Quarry-Puma silver (right)

Cargo pants are great for an extended walk down a shopping strip, or…

A colourful printed cotton dress with a matching pair of sandals and, of course… accessorise.

3. Salvage old apparel

Remember how we mentioned that this season highlights patchwork? Old T-shirts and dresses are great to start with and it’s not about your traditional ideas of patchwork blankets but more of pops of colour throughout your whole look.

We decided to go with a plain black T-shirt dress to highlight the accessories. Iron rainbow patch, strass pill pin (red) and toast my heart patch (from top to bottom, left to right). The thing about patchwork is to keep it minimal. If you have too much patchwork, it will make you look like a frumpy woman or a lot larger than you are. Also if you are planning on using the patchwork embroidery from MJ, stay off the white apparels. The colour tones of the patches are close to neutral greys and will appear underwhelming if paired with white tops.

If patchwork or pins are not your cup of tea, Cotton:On has a great range of patterned or printed tees and dresses that go well on their own and great for accessorizing with bracelets, earrings and pendants on your wrists.

Cotton:On WV anatalia tie up playsuit S$44.95

T-shirts keeps things casual and easy to pair with any accessory from patches, bags and sneakers. They even decided to pair the tops with demin bottoms.

Tbar hero Graphic t-shirt S$19.95

This season is all about the demins, patchwork and a slightly nostalgic feel to designs as seen in the embroidered illustrations. Using denims and pastel colours to tone down your get-up and bringing out the patchwork and energetic illustrations are what this S/S 2017 collection is all about.

Photography: Matthew Yeo
Styling pictures from Stylecaster, Mytheresa, Marc Jacobs
Runway pictures from Marc Jacobs
Product pictures from various online catalogues

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