Navigating Love In A Belated Valentine’s Day Workshop

Thanks to Dr Martha, we went delved into the world of Love and Relationships during her recent workshop on how to navigate love, sex and relationships. Our founder, Melissa Fann, was one of the panelists for the first half of the afternoon where she and the other panelist shared what it is like to date and find love in this modern era where dating apps is so prevalent. Basically, is it possible to look for Prince Charming on your phone instead of on a white horse? Is he a swipe right away?

Our founder (right), Melissa Fann, speaking during the sharing session

Held at The Blue Lotus in Joo Chiat, the workshop was a very small group of about ten which meant that it was a very intimate session with no holds barred. The panellists answered all sorts of questions from the attendees as they talked about their experience with online dating – the good, the bad as well as the ugly. Needless to say, online dating is so common nowadays but it seems hard to think one is able to find true love through it but good news as one of the panellists shared how she finally did find her partner through a dating app!

What I liked best about the workshop was that everyone could share their stories and experiences without judgement and criticisms. There was a lot of good advice and a sense of camaraderie amongst the attendees after a short while where we all laughed over funny anecdotes.

Overall, the session was quite an eye opener and it made one feel that you were not alone navigating through the unchartered waters of dating. I found that there were others who actually shared the same thoughts as me about dating and men, and the panellists also shared useful tips on how best to use these various dating apps as well as sieve the wheat from the chaff.

Dating in the 21st Century with our busy lifestyles isn’t easy – but you definitely do not need to feel disconnected especially when you can get great useful advice through workshops such as this! If you are female and would like to feel more connected to your powerful and feminine side, do attend Dr Martha’s Powerful & Radiantly Female workshop as this is also an aspect in your life which does affect your personal relationships.

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